5 DIY Ideas to Increase Your Home's Curb Appeal

By Alejandro Uria posted 02-07-2020 03:50 AM


If it's finally the time to start some of the home improvement projects that you always keep delaying, improving your home's curb appeal can be done on a small budget and make a pretty considerable difference in how your home exterior looks.

Whether you are a renter or a real estate agent that is fixing up a home that you intend on selling – curb appeal is what marks the difference. First impressions are so important, your family, guests, or potential buyers will judge your home from the first second that they lay eyes on it. 

But most home improvement projects cost a lot of money in materials, plus the expert labor of contractors. Let's find out how to make your home's curb appeal look inviting and cute without spending a ton of money.

1. Start with the Front Door

"The front door will inevitably draw everyone's attention as they are walking into your home. It's the front and center of your house. We want to make it look neat and welcoming. "- Said Adan Morales, real estate agent and business owner at Jump for Adan.

If possible, paint your front door using colors that match the rest of your home's facade. Look online or search through some interior design magazines to get ideas for popular colors like red, turquoise, and navy blue. 

Once you have finished with the painting, consider adding an extra touch by replacing your house numbers with new ones or another type of decoration that pops to the eye and contrasts with the other colors at the front entrance.

Estimated cost: Since you will be painting the front door and taking care of any decorations that you hand or place near it, this project will only cost you a trip to a convenient store, a can of paint which costs average $20 to $30 and an extra $50 for the decorations, be it the house numbers, a new floormat or a plant.

2. Upgrade the Exterior Lighting

Most people go through big interior and exterior home improvement projects and never even think about replacing the light fixtures when, in fact, replacing them will immediately brighten your home's curb appeal.

Imagine putting hours or days of effort into improving the exterior of your home, and when guests come to visit in the evening, it's so dim outside that they can barely appreciate your work.

Replacing the exterior lighting is very easily accomplished but make sure to be extra careful while doing it, if possible, find the electrical panel and turn the breaker off, and avoid touching any wires.

Estimated cost: You can buy energy-efficient light-bulbs for approximately the same cost anywhere. A set of 6 light-bulbs will cost you between $7 and $20. If you go for smart lighting, then the price can go considerably higher, starting at $50 for a single light/switch to upwards of $300.

3-Time for Trimming the Trees and Bushes

"If there is anything that needs regular care in your home is your front yard. One of the best ways to show how much you love your home is by keeping those bushes in check." - Said Juan Hernandez, landscape designer at Progreen Gardeners

Cut all the weed, bushes, and the tree branches, clear a way for your walkways, windows, driveway, and any views of your front entrance. Go out to the street and take a look at your back at your home, you will be able to see if there is anything still blocking the visibility and hindering your curb appeal.

Estimated cost: This is a task that you will likely do yourself and enjoy it while at it, as long as you own a pair of shears, then you won't spend a dime. You may be able to borrow a pair of shears from a neighbor, or if you have to buy them, expect to pay around $10 or $20.

4- Clean up the Driveway

Showing off all the clear space in the driveway makes your home look bigger and also doesn't take the attention away from the main attractive points of your front entrance. 

"Leaving the car parked in the driveway, the trash or recycle containers are mistakes you must avoid if you want to improve your home's curb appeal." - Said Floyd Smith, real estate agent and business owner of San Diego Towing

If your home has an asphalt driveway, it probably looks dull and monotonous, and won't add much to your home's exterior. If you consider adding a border to the driveway, this will make it stand out. Something as simple as lining up bricks or stones on both sides of the driveway may do the trick.

Estimated cost: This will cost you practically nothing. You just have to find some time to clear out everything that's sitting on your driveway. Find a place on the street where to park your car or make space inside the garage. When it comes to adding a border to your driver, the costs may vary, if you decide to purchase cement, sand and bricks or ornamental rocks, it would cost you at least a couple of hundred dollars.

5. Pay attention to small details -hide the trash, replace the mailbox

There are plenty of ways to enhance your curb's appeal just by changing small details in front of your house. Unless you have a particular reason for not parting ways with your mailbox, and most likely, you don't, consider replacing it with a new one. Hide the trash, find a new place that's not anywhere to be seen from the front entrance. Fix the fence, see if there are any signs of breaking or bending and straighten it up.

Many homeowners build a "fence" using bushes and shrubs. If you live in a sunny state like California, try to use California native plants that are resistant to the kind of weather where you live – think about the amount of sunshine and water they need.

Examine your flower beds and pull up weeds. A great option is to install an outdoor flower planters. You can hang them or just have them sit by your windows or your front porch railings. They add color and drama to your home's exterior and are relatively inexpensive.

Final Word

You are probably well aware that first impressions are very important and they happen in a second or two, by the time your guest or potential buyer enters your home, if what they saw from the curb was rough, it may be too late.

Most of the ideas we mention here take only your time and very little in terms of expenses. Let us know what you think, what other ideas do you have for raising your home's curb appeal?