A Longitudinal Study of Prisoners on Remand: Psychiatric Prevalence, Incidence, and Psychopathology in Solitary vs. Non-Solitary Confinement.

12-11-2012 15:50

Authors: Henrik S. Andersen, D. Sestoft, T. Lillebñk, G. Gabrielsen, R. Hemmingsen, P. Kramp
Year of Publication: 2000
Country of Study: Denmark

While acknowledging the socio-political nature of the topic of solitary confinement, the authors of this study aim to examine the mental health implications of the practice. Specifically, this research studied prisoners in custody in Danish prisons. Its objectives were to: 1) Compare occurrences of psychiatric ill-health among groups of prisoners in solitary confinement (SC) and groups who were not (non-SC). 2) Relate pre-existing psychological disorders to occurrences after imprisonment. 3) Relate pre-existing and present occurrence of psychological disorders to quantitative measures of psychopathology.

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  • Academy on Architecture for Justice
  • Correctional Facility Design
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  • Psychiatric Disorder
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  • Solitary Confinement
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