2018 Fall Conference


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Enlightened Justice: Advancing Treatment

According to the National Alliance on Mental Health, it is estimated more than 2 million arrests in the US involve people with serious mental illnesses.  The National Conference of State Legislatures acknowledges an important and intersecting area of criminal justice and health policy is how to better handle a person with a mental illness who becomes involved in the criminal justice system. People who are experiencing a mental health crisis are more likely to encounter police than get medical help, again, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.  As a result, 64% of jail inmates have a mental health problem, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Agencies and officials at many stages of the criminal justice system face the challenge of responding effectively to these needs. State legislatures are interested in how policies can achieve better results for individuals and both systems.

The 2018 Academy of Architecture for Justice Conference will provide a venue for us to rethink and reassess.  We will carry on and integrate what we have been exploring at our national conferences the past several years. Just as we want our politicians to cross the aisle and work together, we need to tear down silos and partner with our fellow knowledge communities, such as the Academy of Architecture for Health and other allies, for their expertise.  Together, we can disrupt and redefine how we as architects, owners and affiliates address our mental health crisis with our justice facilities.


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