Letter from the Chair – 2017 AAJ Journal Q2


Letter from the Chair

Thanks for reading the Academy of Architecture for Justice (AAJ) Journal, and welcome to our second quarter publication! We covered a lot of ground in this issue. 

Firstly, our thanks to Gregory Cook for starting our newest segment called ‘Design Dialogue’ where we address design directly within the specific context of Justice Buildings. He recognizes immediately that we are the “steward(s) not only of public dollars but also public trust.” See what else Greg is saying and feel free to send us your written perspective and experience on the matter. We hope our readers will find this topic engaging and spirited.

We also continue to get to know emerging professionals in the field. This time we get to meet Ryan Meador of CGL. I was struck by what a well-rounded individual he is, with varied interest from world politics, motorsports, travel and even Malcolm Gladwell novels. Many thanks to Ryan for taking the time to tell us about himself. 

In this issue, I am sharing a bit of my travel diary with you. After seeing Alcatraz for the first time, I was taken aback by how meaningful the landmark was to me as a Canadian architect working in the Justice field. The lens of the article speaks to indigenous peoples’ issues, a key difference between working in Canada versus the United states.

Lastly, we get to know a bit more about the upcoming AIA AAJ conference in Cincinnati Ohio, coming up this Fall.  Maraca Lopez and Joel Davidson are our conference chairs. The theme is Interdisciplinary Justice and it is well chosen. This conference is very deliberately planned and thought out.  Find out more by reading the interview here.  If you are on the fence about attending this year, this interview might be what is needed to make up your mind. Hope to see you there!



Kerry%20Feeney%20Signature.jpgKerry Feeney
Chair – AAJ Communications Committee 2017




Design dialogue: Designing for justice
By Gregory Cook, AIA, CCHP

What is good design? How do we change our perception of limitations in justice design into one of opportunity for creativity and clarity? Greg explores the changing landscape of community-based facilities, and how this shift of values leads to design innovation.

Emerging professional profile of Ryan Meador
By the AAJ Communications Committee

Ryan shares his love for motorsports and travel, and how he finds innovation and inspiration woven through these two passions. He carries these traits into his work as an architect, where he’s been an early adopter of digital trends, and inspired by his experience with not just other justice architects but also the staff and inmates at existing facilities.

The uncomfortable tourist: Juxtapositions of Alcatraz
By Kerry Feeney, B.E.S., B. Arch, MAA, LEED AP

Triggered by an unsettling visit to Alcatraz, Kerry examines the juxtaposition of indigenous peoples and the prison system in the US and Canada, and offers recommendations for respectful design in justice facilities.

Let’s chat with your 2017 AAJ Conference chairs
By the AAJ Communications Committee

Our 2017 conference chairs share how this conference will pull together experts from various disciplines to collectively discuss and address the same justice-related problems we all face. They provide an advanced look at some of the content, and an introduction to the conference track chairs.



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