Local and State Components


To establish a more visible and recognized regional presence for the Academy for Architecture on Health (AAH) through the recruitment of prospective academy members and to provide educational and networking opportunities to our current members. Please send updated AAH component information to aah@aia.org.

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Start a local component: AIA-AAH component toolkit

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AAH Component: A local organization of architects, designers, students, academics and health care related professionals. Each AAH component aims to address unique issues related to healthcare architecture and operations and to provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas, networking, concerns, successes, failures, resources, and more. AAH components can be found in various locations throughout the country and are organized in different capacities. To discover more about a specific component:
  • Click on the region of interest.
  • Refer to the Region + Committee Lead or the Information on Local Component.

Region + Committee Lead: Each Region is color-coded on the map. Each Region has leader(s) that
represent their region on the Regional and International Initiatives Committee (RIIC). These representatives are generally responsible for the following tasks:
  • To stay in touch with the components, if they exist, in their region.
  • To provide assistance when needed, to members in their region, to enhance the RIIC mission.
  • To maintain an active database of regional contacts and activities.
  • To enhance collaborative efforts between and among regional and international AAH members.
Do you have any questions or suggestions? Would you like to get more involved in this committee? Contact the leader(s) of your region; we are here to help Academy for Architecture on Health members connect with one another.