Local and State Components


To establish a more visible and recognized regional presence for the Academy for Architecture on Health (AAH) through the recruitment of prospective academy members and to provide educational and networking opportunities to our current members. Please send updated AAH component information to aah@aia.org.

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AIA-AAH component toolkit

2017-09-12_AAH_RIC_BASE_MAP.pngRegional champions

California: Trisha Clark, and Jhiah Chang
Florida: Steve Langston
Mid Atlantic: Emily Dickinson and Michael Kang
Midwest: Emily Bateman
North Atlantic: Helen CohenKerianne Graham, and Scott Mueller
South Atlantic: Helen Byce and Isaiah Dunlap
South Central: Jennifer Youssef
Southwest: Bill Sheely
Upper Midwest: Kirsten Staloch
Northwest: Solvei Neiger
Mountain West: Tina Du Mond
Central: Paul Whitson