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Collaboration has several meanings, and in today’s workplace, has become the newest buzzword. According to a recent article in Harvard Business Review, they found that “agility at the point of execution is typically created through group-level networks such as account or new product development teams formed from employees drawn throughout the organization, lateral networks across core work processes, temporary teams and task forces formed to drive a critical organizational change or respond to a strategic threat, and communities of practice that enable organizations to enjoy true benefits of scale.”

In my mind, this describes perfectly the work that the AAH, AAH-F, ACHA and FGI have been doing for years. These four organizations work tirelessly to provide knowledge resources to healthcare architects; support research to expand the body of knowledge in the industry; support certification and elevation of healthcare design expertise; and forge relationships and language in the Guidelines to help clients in their pursuit of flexible, adaptive and appropriate facilities for patient care and staff safety. These four allied organizations known as the Pillars of Health Care Architecture, are dedicated to advancing healthcare architecture in their specific area, while fostering collaboration.

This quarter the Academy of Architecture for Health is highlighting one of our key partners, the American College of Healthcare Architects. As the certifying body for healthcare architects in the United States and Canada, ACHA is committed to transforming health care through better built environments. The president for ACHA, Bill Hercules, is our spotlight editor for this newsletter; you can read more about Bill’s perspective on certification, ACHA’s mission and activities here.

As a reminder, the Summer Leadership Summit will be held in Chicago, July 27-29, 2018. If you are interested in certification, we encourage you to attend the exam preparation workshop on Friday, July 27 at 9am. Along with great speakers at the summit, the workshop, networking and AAH Foundation fundraiser events are some of the best events in the industry for healthcare architects. Besides, who doesn’t love Chicago in the summertime?

Collaboration can have many meanings, however; for the AAH we believe in Merriam-Webster’s definition as follows: “to work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor.” I think that says it all.

Yours in health,

Kimberly N. Montague, AIA, EDAC, LEED AP

AAH Communications Chair