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2016 AIA/TAP Innovation Awards Program

Since 2005, The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Technology in Architectural Practice (TAP) Knowledge Community has spearheaded an effort to highlight award winning case studies from the architectural profession and construction industry in the harnessing of Building Information Model (BIM) technology and processes to further design, construction and project excellence.

Rather than abandon the notion of BIM, the 2015 program was expanded and renamed AIA/TAP Innovation Awards emphasizes how this array of new practices and technologies will further enable project delivery and enhance data-centric methodologies in the management of buildings for their entire lifecycle, from design, to construction and through operations. AIA TAP endeavors to enliven the discourse on how these innovations can advance the profession and practice of architecture and further the mission of the Institute.

2016 submissions are open for the AIA/TAP Innovation Awards Program

Technology innovations touch every aspect of our lives, and they are at the center of some of the most exciting advancements in architecture. AIA’s Technology in Architectural Practice Knowledge Community teams with some of the most important technology leaders to offer this award, which showcases the intersection of data and design.

Collaboration with the Construction Contact Administration KC for 2016, further expands the reach of innovation in the project delivery and management process.


  • Open to everyone
  • Submissions by jury members or by any firm or organization of which they are members or have a substantial interest are not permitted.
  • All entries must receive permissions from owners and other team members and acknowledge that permission as part of the submission

Deadline & fees

The deadline for submission completion is August 29, 2016 before 5:00 pm Eastern. Below is the list of submission entry fees. All entry fees are non-refundable:
  • Members: $350.00 for each entry
  • Nonmembers: $500.00 for each entry
  • Academic Institutions: $100.00 for each entry

For more information on the submission process and guidelines, click here.


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Known previously as the AIA/TAP Building Information Modeling Awards Program. 

The 2016 Call for Submissions is now open! Want to look at the submission requirements? See the 2016 Submission Preview.