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2014 Archived Webinar Series

The Business Case for the 2030 Challenge
The value of pursuing the 2030 Challenge is providing sustainable buildings that enhance building performance and improve user productivity as a result of engaging energy modeling, daylighting modeling, and comfort modeling during the design process.  This session outlines how engaging the 2030 Commitment allows your firm to be more competitive in the market.  We will discuss how 2030 Challenge design metrics and tools inform design and how as one takes on the mantle and becomes a champion of the 2030 Commitment, he or she can translate that value added proposition to firm leadership, decision-makers, in-house design teams, and client stakeholders.  Whether delivering the message as an individual designer or as a design firm committed to the 2030 Challenge, you will leave with an enhanced ability to convey how greater value is brought to the project and the client through energy analysis, resulting in not only a reduction in energy consumption and lower building operations costs, but increased environmental quality.  Understanding that modeling results in a high quality design that improves user comfort and productivity, the session will provide participants the tools to facilitate the discussion of why an upfront investment in modeling and tracking energy metrics integral to the design process more than pays for itself in the product of the resultant building and site design, as well as the resultant operations performance of the completed building.

Presenters:  Rico Quirindongo, AIA, Architect, DLR Group; Premnath Sundharam, AIA, Architect/Principal, DLR Group; Nathan Kipnis, AIA, Principal, Kipnis Architecture + Planning
Presented:  October 16, 2014 | Webinar Resources: PDF

Emerging Practice: 3D Digital Printing and the "Maker Economy" - Transforming Practice
3D printing or Additive Manufacturing is a disruptive innovation that could potentially create new markets and value networks for both emerging and established practices. As the technology becomes part of mainstream architectural services and project delivery, what kind of changes would this bring? What are the advantages and disadvantages of different 3D printing processes as it relates to cost reduction and marketing? This webinar explores the advantages and caveats of 3d Printing technology in architecture and design practices through a series of three presentations provided by design scientist Melissa Sterry, Royal Academy of Dutch Architects Professor Janjaap Ruijssenaars and NRI’s Digital Fabrication Specialist.

Presenters:  Jeremy Luebker, Digital Fabrication Specialist; JanJaap Ruijssenaars, Architect, Universe Architecture; Melissa Sterry, Design Scientist & Futurist, MelissaSterry.com
Presented: July 17, 2014 | Webinar Resources:  PDF and Youtube 

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