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CAE Leadership Group

2015 CAE Leadership Group


The 2016 CAE Leadership Group at the 2015 CAE Fall Conference with EDspaces in New Orleans.

John R. Dale, FAIA, LEED AP
Harley Ellis Devereaux
Los Angeles, CA

Stuart Pettitt, AIA
Straub Pettitt Yaste Architects
Clawson, MI
Vice Chair
Claire B. Gallagher, Ed.D., Assoc. AIA
Georgian Court University
Lakewood, NJ

2016 CAE Design Awards Chair                          
Karina Ruiz, AIA
Dull Olson Weekes - IBI Group Architects
Portland, OR
Brian Minnich, AIA
GWWO Architects
Baltimore, MD


Letter from 2016 CAE Chair John R. Dale, FAIA

Committee on Architecture for Education 2016
Visioning and Re-Visioning

Welcome to 2016!

This coming year, under the theme of "Visioning and Re-Visioning," will be an exciting opportunity to explore the ways in which pedagogical innovation and cutting edge design impact and influence each other. Great cities are often the spawning ground for dramatic educational innovation and revolutionary ideas about the facilities in which people learn. We will explore this tendency through history as well as in current examples. CAE members and participants will be able to evaluate the difference between what in educational design represents a passing trend versus the elements of learning spaces that are of lasting value. As we renew or replace our own educational facilities, we need to create settings where pedagogy can continue to evolve in effective ways.

Spring Conference, April 17-21: Join Us In Berlin.

Building on the lessons learned in Detroit and New Orleans last year, our Spring Conference will convene in Berlin, Germany to look at places for learning in the midst of a city that has been undergoing a dramatic transformation for over two decades. We will view the stunning rebirth of a reunified city through the lens of educational design, both contemporary work and key monuments of progressive thinking throughout the 20th century. Highlights of the tours will include the recently restored Trade Union School in Bernau, designed by Hannes-Meyer of Bauhaus fame; the Berlin Free University, planned by Candilis Josic Woods in the 1960’s in post-war divided Berlin with a recent library addition by Norman Foster; the Academy of the Jewish Museum by Daniel Libeskind; and a stunning series of interactive interventions at Erika-Mann Grundschule School conceived interactively by elementary students, and interior design students (of Baupiloten) under the directions of Susanne Hofmann. We will also gather at the newly completed and widely published Fellow Pavilion at the American Academy, designed by Barkow Leibinger. Berlin is also the jumping off point for many other centers for education and culture: keep tuned for an add-on option of day trip to Dessau (Bauhaus). This will be an opportunity to meet local educators, architects and experts in the inner workings of this complex and lively metropolis. View the complete itinerary and earn up to 27 HSW LUs. Registration is now open.

As we look ahead, we also want to remind you of our ongoing programs and initiatives….

2016 CAE Educational Facility Design Awards Program closes soon.

The AIA Committee on Architecture for Education Design Awards is an internationally recognized marketplace of ideas. Through this forum the committee disseminates quality ideas on educational facility planning and design to clients, architects, and the public. As how we educate ourselves continues to evolve, we must evaluate and measure our successes, and have an arena in which to test ideas. This awards program is an opportunity to engage in critical evaluation and experimentation, not as an end in itself, but always in the context of our clients and their needs. Learn more and submit your project!

2015 CAE Education Facility Design Awards –I am pleased to announce that through our Leadership Group member, Karina Ruiz, we are, for the first time, publishing the results of our awards program in a dedicated book. Featuring the winning project and jury commentary, this publication is available to download for free and print-on-demand for purchase for all of our membership.

2016 CAE Education Facility Design Awards – Submit for the 2016 design awards program. Entries are due January 19 by 5 pm ET.

CAE Research Task Force picks up steam.

Under the able leadership of Dina Sorensen, we have been developing a structure to fund ongoing research through the Committee on Architecture for Education Foundation. In order to properly evaluate proposals and structure the application process for funding support, we have established a distinguished international panel of advisors. As Dina notes: "We are grateful and excited to partner with a group of researchers who have experience and interest in working across disciplines. Expert contributions to developing a multidisciplinary framework will be invaluable to our learning and our capacity to share research-oriented knowledge that both emerging professionals and seasoned veterans are eager to access and utilize in practice."

The AIA-CAE Research Task Force Research Advisor Working Group for 2015-16 includes: Dr. Peter Barrett Professor, School of the Built Environment, University of Salford; UK; Jeri Britten of the University of Nebraska Medical Center; Dr. Karen Dobkins, PhD of the Department of Psychology at the University of California San Diego; John Pal Eberhard, FAIA, AIA National Director of Research+ Planning and Founding President, ANFA; Dr. Eve Edelstein, PhD, Professor, New School of Architecture and Design and Research Fellow, Neuro-Architecture, Perkins + Will; Chris Lehmann, Principal, Science Leadership Academy Philadelphia; Dr. Tiina Mäkelä, PhD, Researcher, University of Jyväskylä (Finland); Dr. Margaret R. Tarampi, Ph.D., Junior Research Fellow, SAGE Center for the Study of the Mind, University of CA Santa Barbara; Dr. Patrick Tolan, PhD, Professor and Director, Youth-Nex | The U.Va. Center to Promote Effective Youth Development, University of Virginia Curry School of Education; and Dr. Matthew Trowbridge MD, Associate Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, Department of Public Health Sciences, University of Virginia School of Medicine and Senior Research Fellow, U.S. Green Building Council. Follow the development on the CAE Research webpage.

CAE at the AIA Convention in Philadelphia, May 2016.

At the AIA Convention in next May in Philadelphia, CAE will have a strong presence and we hope to see our fellow members there. CAE will be participating in an opening night Town Hall event which will be a networking reception for all the Knowledge Communities at AIA. In addition, CAE will offer educational sessions during Convention that will focus on the impact the design profession can have on learning environments of all types in the form of seminars and panel discussion. Stay tuned for more specific information about the programs we will be offering.

Fall Conference in Cincinnati, November 2-4.

In early November, as part of our ongoing partnership with Ed Spaces and following on the very successful 2015 joint conference in New Orleans, our fall conference will be held in Cincinnati, Ohio. Beginning in 2006, Knowledgeworks launched the Strive Partnership to improve the educational outcomes of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky youth. The partnership included presidents of the three main area universities and superintendents of the Cincinnati, Covington and Newport school districts among other numerous partners. The goal was to create an effective cradle to career system. The achievement shift among students has been noteworthy and the initiative has been emulated across the county. We are in the early planning stages of what should prove to be an absorbing session. Participants will have the opportunity to assess that vision and where the Cincinnati Unified School District stands in relationship to that initiative more than a decade later. The conference will also include tours of the University of Cincinnati, a campus renowned for its award winning architecture by notables including Gehry, Graves, Moore Ruble Yudell, Morphosis, and Eisenman. Get the latest updates about the conference!

Thank Our Supporting Partners

Our Knowledge Community has been blessed with generous support from a number of partner companies and organizations. Through their support we are able to reduce registration fees as well as more effectively disseminate best practices knowledge. When you have a chance please thank the following companies for their support:

Distinguished Partners: VS America | Emerald Partners: Ed Spaces


John R. Dale, FAIA, LEED AP
2016 CAE Chair 
Pre-K-12 Studio Leader
Harley Ellis Devereaux, Los Angeles