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The AIA 2030 Commitment is a growing national initiative that provides a consistent, national framework with simple metrics and a standardized reporting format to help firms evaluate the impact design decisions have on an individual project's energy performance. To truly rise to meet the energy reduction goals of 2030, we have to apply the principles of sustainable design to every project from its inception and early design through project completion and ongoing building operations–not just those projects where our clients wish to pursue third party green building certification. The profession can’t meet radical building energy use reduction targets one project at a time and architects are embracing the challenge at hand by thinking differently about sustainable design.

Knowledge Community

The Academy of Architecture for Health (AAH) improves the quality of healthcare through design by developing, documenting, and disseminating knowledge; educating healthcare architects and other related constituencies; advancing the practice of healthcare architecture; improving the design of health care environments; affiliating and advocating with others that share our vision and promoting research.

The Academy of Architecture for Justice (AAJ) promotes and fosters the exchange of information and knowledge between members, professional organizations, and the public for high-quality planning, design, and delivery of justice architecture.

Member Created Community

This community gathered around issues the AIA is lobbying for in Washington, in State Legislatures, and City Halls.

This is a group for all of those architects and associate members who are interested in blogging and social media. The idea is to share experiences and have a forum for questions and comments on how and why to blog.

This group was created to explore and support the synergies between chapters and foundations would cover unexplored ground that could greatly benefit many communities.

Other Member Group

The Center for Civic Leadership was formed to enable architects to develop leadership skills needed in the practice of today and the future, and in response to a call to establish leadership as a core value for the AIA. For architects, the demand for leadership has never been greater.

Integrated Practice / Integrated Project Delivery (IP/IPD) leverages early contributions of knowledge and expertise through the utilization of new technologies, allowing all team members to better realize their highest potentials while expanding the value they provide throughout the project life cycle.

Member Created Community

Building codes and standards affect every aspect of professional practice, acting as the minimum standard of care that AIA members must meet as licensed professionals. As the AIA engages in the codes and standards development process with ICC and other organizations, this community portal will serve as the gathering place and clearinghouse for codes related activities and discussions.