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2013 Building Connections Congress

Once a year, the AIA Building Connections Congress invites key industry peers to convene and update one another on the progress and challenges in achieving interoperability during the building design, construction, and operations process.

This year, the focus was on two main topics. First, “The State of Owner BIM Standards” addressed current practices in the creation and implementation of BIM standards adopted by owner organizations. Secondly, “Looking Forward” addressed current initiatives underway to extend data interoperability to a higher degree of success.

Recorded on January 11, 2013 in Washington, DC.


Broadening the Perspective of Technology in Architectural Practice

The conference showcases cutting-edge uses of technology in architectural practice, research and education. It explores the many kinds of technology that architects and other building professionals use to make their practices more innovative and help them thrive in the evolving collaborative, interconnected and data-centric building industry. Download a copy of the presentations.

Recorded on October 19, 2012.  


Faster Forward

The conference covers aspects of technology in project design, delivery and facility management from a variety of AECOO community viewpoints. The central theme is Build Boston is FORWARD. The aligned theme for this TAP / CIP track of the conference is FASTER FORWARD – Techniques accelerating successful and comfortable multi-disciplinary practice.

Recorded November 17, 2011 in Boston, Mass.  


TAP Revolution: Better Design and Higher Value Driven by Process Innovation and Technology

Hear from building owners about how BIM is revolutionizing the industry and better serving their needs. Learn how to achieve better design and higher value throughout the life-cycle of buildings. This event was recorded in May 2011 at the AIA National Convention.

Recorded  May 11, 2011 in New Orleans, La. 


TAP Update on BIM for Design: Latest Tools and Trends

The San Francisco Digital Design Breakfast Club is an informal group of local AEC professionals who meet once a month to discuss the use of digital technologies in design and construction, address philosophical questions posed by those technologies, and share stories about our experiences with them. Eleven members of the group compiled a report from the trenches, a mosaic of how-to’s and lessons learned on BIM and IPD. This was a rapid-fire presentation in the pecha-kecha format: each presenter has 7 minutes to speak about 20 slides for approximately 20 seconds each. Download the PointPoints from each presentation.

Recorded April 29, 2009 in San Francisco, Cal.