2011 recipients

The seventh annual Building Information Model (BIM) Awards reveal how BIM is advancing from a pure tool to a catalyst of a more collaborative design and construction process. Energy efficiency, sustainability, program analysis, metadata exchange and design-to-fabrications are some of the attributes of this year’s submissions. View the 2011 Awards Brochure. Read the AIArchitect article.

View the individual case studies:

DC Consolidated Forensic Lab  DC Consolidated Forensic Lab

 Irwin Army Community Hospital 

  MassArt New Residence Hall (Catagory A) 

  United Therapeutics Phase 2 B 

   Wounded Warrior Headquarters & Hope and Care Center 

  Chicago Federal Center 

  Seattle Children’s Bellevue Clinic 

  Dr. A. H. McCoy Federal Building 

 Jesse H. Jones Hall Renovations 

 MassArt New Residence Hall (Catagory B) 

 Camelview Village 

  Next Level BIM: Integrated Design with BIM for Architectural Engineering Students 

 Craniofacial & Mesenchymal Lab Renovation