Risk Management for the Small Design Firm: Dealing with the “Big Three”

04-13-2012 12:06

A recent survey highlighted three key risk concerns for Small Firm owners: working for the wrong client, working without an adequate contract, and failure to do a thorough job during construction administration. Improperly managed, these risks can evolve into professional liability claims against architects, and might cause major damage to a Small Firm.

This webinar examined root causes and introduce several mitigation tactics to deal with client selection, contract management, and construction phase risks. The business of design can be a risky proposition, and a better understanding of the “Big Three” will improve your chances of success.

Robert vanArsdall provides answers to all questions submitted during the live webinar. At the request of the speaker, the webinar was not recorded. If you would like to see this webinar offered again, select "recommend" on this document.

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