Naked - 2014 SPP Design Competition

05-22-2014 13:16

2014 Pop Up Project Design Competition - Best Use of Innovative Technology

Designed by Ar. Pragesh Pramod Khanna | Vastu Srajan

Naked…. As I call it….. To make the chaotic market place lighter visually and softener in aesthetics we tried to make the canopy disappear so as to give prime focus on producers harvest. Various philosophies (fidu,self dependency and openness) liquefies together to give a transparent object visually appealing to eyes. A clothed naked is a school bag which is effortless to carry and unfold wherever required. The curved member arches ensure the stability of the structure making it to withstand around 750lb of wind pressure and velocity calculation of 90miles/hour. The curved member made from blow-n-roll technique of fidu science makes the design exciting and fairly practical as it converts from a 6” roll of metal strip to 38mm round member with inflation from a normal bicycle air pump. Naked uses x-ply reinforced monofilm wrapped on a customized hybrid rod and wheel , which converts into led light source when fully unwrapped, sourced by 4 number waterproof solar panels giving output under weak light conditions and stable under working temperature of -40 to 80 zero above. The fabric with 100% polyester film having black thread reinforced is highly durable and stable which allows at the same time abundance light in day and proofs intelligent at night too. Smarter in all weather conditions naked opens up to further reveal its sturdiness to rain as the LED light hybrid container unwinds itself to unveil the fabric compensating the elemental damages. Naked is an effort to re-energize the market energy and to stamp another mark in the Chicago’s skyline.

Jury Comments

Very original and technology none of us had heard of before. Visually appealing. We all want to see it built and see how it actually would work.

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05-30-2014 15:01

Supportive and very brilliant comment by the jury....thanks all

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