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09-03-2011 22:33

The color that my client picked for her music room vs what I think it should be. This room will have a black grand piano and an ornate Persian rug going into it. I think the peach color takes away from the drama of the vaulted wood ceiling. It also makes a room that was supposed to be bright and sunny, kind of dark.

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09-05-2011 10:45

Jason -- Thanks for sharing this predicament -- we can all relate ! I have to agree with Jim H. and R.L. below. I understand your preference, and agree with your concern. However, since I agree her color choice is not great --but really not THAT bad-- I can't see how it can be worth it to risk the end impression with the client. Our design visions are important, but we can't always control client preferences. If she would mention to you that she's not so comfortable with the color outcome, this could give you the opening, and you might feel you could bring it up gently as in..."Are you pleased with the color result? BUT, if you do, be prepared for her answer to be "Yes- I love it." AND be prepared to accept this as the end of discussion. If she loves it, then your job has been pretty well accomplished. If she says she was hoping for it to be a little lighter/different, or asks, "What do you think?" Then, you MIGHT be able to say, "Well truthfully, if it were my space, I would have aimed at (or I had in mind) a less-intense color to allow a better contrast with the wood; it keep the space more light and airy, etc., etc." BUT, if you get into this, remember it IS her space now, and not yours.

Residential design especially, is a bit like child-rearing, you do all you can and have all the input your client can take, but at some point, the result is going to be theirs, not yours. It's worse, in my experience, to not be able to show a finished project or list client as a reference after all our hard work, because of a damaged last impression. You're fortunate in this respect that the only shortfall was the color, and Photoshop can cover this -- much worse when something more fundamental is altered and you don't even want to show it in your portfolio. Happened to me ! So, consider this a bonus.
Finally, use this as a lesson for future projects: even when a client whose taste you trust says anything like "I've got a color I like or I've selected, or a friend has helped me with..." be attentive enough to say, "Good -- you know, we've come so far together on this project, and it's really coming out great -- Colors can really be more tricky than we often expect, and experience with selecting and then seeing the finished outcome is something I have a lot of. I'd really like to review what you have in mind to help you be sure we're getting it right."
Keep in mind, what you have here looks to me (with 35 yrs of practice experience) like you got it 99% right. All things considered, that's a high percentage. Good and beautiful work ! Especially true if you walk away with a satisfied client as a future reference.

09-05-2011 09:22

I agree with Jim. I like the color because for me it makes it more private and personal. Given how your client is going to use the space I think the darker color would be better. The lighter color would work well for a more "public" space. Having said that, I myself had spent money on projects to make them more like my vision. In my case it was not as personal as yours. You are in a dangerous part of the project meaning the end and that is the last impression they may have of you. Don't damage that at this point. My advice would be to let it go and keep the photoshoped version in your website. I have learned in my residential work to let somethings go. Better to have a satisfied client than, well you can figure out the rest. Good job.

09-05-2011 01:36

Isn't the goal to please the client? Personally, I like the darker color. I think it livens up the space. If you feel that strongly about the color choice, perhaps show your enhanced photo to the client with before and after and let her decide. If she likes what she has I would still say you have done your job well.

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