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Construction Documents Project Time Manager

  • 1.  Construction Documents Project Time Manager

    Posted 07-20-2017 17:30

    Good afternoon,

    A client is requesting a Completion Schedule for his project with 30 % , 50 % , and 95 % submittal Landmarks..

    I have located many Construction Schedules Templates but not much for Construction Documents.

    I appreciate any suggestions.





    Manuel Perez-Vichot, AIA



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    Posted 07-21-2017 19:31
    Mr. Perez-Vichot ---
    How 'bout:
    1.    Compare w/ old jobs:
    Look at the record copies of progress-&-review prints you've shown to other Clients.  If one submittal was "40%", then ballpark the progress shown, down for 30% and up for 50%.  That's for realistic percents; some that I've shown as "50%" take twice-as-long to finish!  The 95%, of course, is "done", with a finishing-off check...
    2.    Disclaimer:
    It must be made clear that a "%" is a judgement call.  Also, any late surprises and/or changes will be setbacks in the rate of completion.
    3.    My guess:
    To be safe, do what you think is 40%, and submit that for the 30%...  And so on...
    Good luck ---
    william j. devlin aia, inc.,
    Springfield, MA

  • 3.  RE: Construction Documents Project Time Manager

    Posted 07-24-2017 18:02
    It's TOTALLY a judgement call.
    A hypothetical set of CDs with half the sheets at 100% is 50% complete, as is that same set with all the sheets halfway complete.
    We'll figure 30% will have all cover and boilerplate sheets (if you use them, such as ADA detail drawings), all plans & exterior elevations, building sections, major interior elevations; basically all the sheets, but light on annotation and details.
    50% will be the same sheets with more annotation and dimensions, all enlarged (wall) sections, most enlarged section details, schedules shown but not necessarily complete.
    95% is essentially complete but not ready to seal.
    And this doesn't address subconsultants!

    Clark Mente AIA
    Mente Sowell Architects
    Austin TX

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    Posted 07-28-2017 11:54
    I have always priced the projects according to the level of effort that would be required at each percentage. 10% takes 2 to 3 weeks. 20 to 30% about an additional three weeks.  For a 50% complete, depending on the size, it is entirely based on the number of drawings that you have generated and annotated to the level of indicating openings, ceilings, floors, walls and overall dimensions. For construction documents that level of effort is the biggest because of the required detailing needed for permitting. There should be no design changes during the CD phase. If there are design changes then the percentage complete most revert back down to the 20 or 30% level and you should be compensated accordingly both in fee and schedule.

    Ricardo Ramos, Assoc. AIA, LEED® AP
    Arcadia CA