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EIFS and woodpeckers

  • 1.  EIFS and woodpeckers

    Posted 05-01-2017 15:26
    On a recently completed house my firm designed - exterior is an EIFS system (elastomeric stucco over 3" EPS foam board) - woodpeckers are pecking holes through the finish coat and into the foam. In some case they are pecking all the way down to the OSB sheathing.

    My clients and I are trying to find a solution to this problem.  Have any of you had this problem and come up with a long-term solution?

    thank you

    Kenton Peters AIA, LEED-AP
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    Posted 05-02-2017 17:27
    Sure - don't use EIFS.

    Recently, in the Netherlands, I saw "scarecrows" that looked like tethered kites with big raptor silhouettes on wires attached to long flexible poles. They were quite attractive, but I have no evidence of their effectiveness.

    Judith Wasserman AIA
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    Posted 05-02-2017 18:42
    This is the link I found that has some steps on how to prevent woodpecker damage to EIFS. See below:


    How do I prevent woodpecker damage to my EIFS?
    Advancedeifsrepair remove preview
    How do I prevent woodpecker damage to my EIFS?
    Woodpecker damage to your EIFS can compromise your home's all-important water resistant barrier. When customers call us to repair woodpecker damage they ask, "how do we stop the woodpeckers from coming back?" Although we are not aware of any woodpecker defense strategy which has proven 100% effective, the following points may be helpful for homeowners who experience EIFS damage from woodpeckers.
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    Posted 05-03-2017 06:57
    Seems to me there are two reasons woodpeckers go after something:   1)  if there are insects inside the system that they are going after, or  2)  marking territory with sound (which is why they will peck on a metal chimney or sign).   If it's because of marking territory, I would have no idea how to stop it, but if it's to get at insects underneath, you might be able to solve the woodpeckers by solving the insect problem.  You might want to ask someone at the Audubon society or Cornell's Ornithology lab for advice.

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    Posted 05-03-2017 09:16
    We have seen that problem too many times.  Our solution is to never use EIFS.  If we have a client that insists on that type of product, we use a system that has the coating on a cement board.  Now that you have the problem, your best route would be to contact the manufacturer of the product you used to see if they have come up with a solution.  It is not an uncommon problem, so hopefully they have a way to address it.
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