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  • 1.  Erasers

    Posted 07-28-2017 21:02
    Hi, Folks
    Two days ago, Michael Bengis AIA asked for help finding eraser strips [the round guys, yes?], for his Manual Drawing work.  This drew quite a few responses, which is always good to see.  There's a place near me that might have those; I'll call 'em within the next couple of days...
    BUT ---
    It's occurred to me that Mr. Bengis didn't say what he's using to draw with, or on what kind of sheet he's drawing.  So, maybe the below will work:
    I've used:
    1.    Sheet:
    Yellow trace now, but also vellum, Mylar.
    2.    Drawing lines:
    Thin graphite now, fat plastic leads before.
    3.    Shield:
    The Charrette erasing shield was very well-designed, with a great array of shapes which could, among other things, get you into some very tight corners.  And, it had lots of space between openings, so you'd only remove what you wanted removed!
    4.    Eraser:
    Yes, I've still got the long, machine (w/ no brand on it!), and a supply of old erasers.  But, in all of the mixes above, I've had great results with a plain vinyl hand-held eraser (the size-&-shape [2"?] we had in grammar school).  With a good shield, I can get great results, occasionally twice on the same spot!
    5.    Black-work:
    Where I want things to stand out, I've found a wide range of fine markers, down to 0.5 mm!  These need the machine for erasing, so I've developed a "soft touch" that rarely holes-through the yellow trace.  My notes-columns are done in the fine markers, for speed and legibility...
    So ---

  • 2.  RE: Erasers

    Posted 07-31-2017 18:59
    Try a west coast company called Dataprint: Dataprint Drafting Supplies : Drafting Equipment : Paper and Printing Supplies. I'm sure they'll ship anywhere in the U.S.

    Craig Bagley AIA
    Craig Bagley Architect
    Santa Cruz CA