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- Lisa Stacholy, AIA


  • Hey Folks-just a reality check here (Atlanta Georgia). Last summer we had a lot of inquiries from what I call 'tire kicker', those folks who want to do something (a new project, renovate an existing structure, expand a business, go into a new business venture, etc.). Sadly none of them really panned out - it seems that the sharks were out looking for 30 cents on the dollar (all aspects-land acquisition, ... More

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  • Networking, Meeting, After-Hour socials, etc. etc. etc. We meet so many people and these days it seems like EVERYTHING we do (work related anyway) has to do with meeting new/different folks and getting our company in front of potential clients. But is this really the right thing to do? I've always been a big fan of 'guerrilla marketing' in that, I've got a good group of folks we work on a regular ... More

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  • Is it my imagination or is gathering information off KnowledgeNet a little hard to do? I'm having a hard time searching for past SPP Journals; are they still on the old system? Anyway - I've got a project for a long term client that is just snake-bit. Now that the project is 'over' (user group has moved into the space, and is asking for minor changes and we're waiting for contractor close out ... More

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  • Oke-Doke! AIA is in the process of migrating all past blogs to this new venue - There is one comment on a recent Small Firms Idea Exchange blog that just can't wait (see below for question and original blog post if you [sigh] haven't seen it. Thank you to Oscar to asking such a large question for initial real 'blog' in this venue. FIRST: AIA has that anti-trust thingie that makes it so we ... More

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  • new playground

    Hi Gang, Hopefully the new blog area will let us exchange information more freely, without taking up TOOO much additional time! "PartyOn Wayne! Party on Garth!" More

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