Are things picking up where you are?

Hey Folks-just a reality check here (Atlanta Georgia).

Last summer we had a lot of inquiries from what I call 'tire kicker', those folks who want to do something (a new project, renovate an existing structure, expand a business, go into a new business venture, etc.).  Sadly none of them really panned out - it seems that the sharks were out looking for 30 cents on the dollar (all aspects-land acquisition, property acquisition, civil, architecture, engineering, construction, etc.)  and most all went away.

Tail end of last year there was another littler (is that a word?) flurry, promising thing, is this batch folks had more realistic expectations; a few were not just 'tire kickers', but true, valid prospects.

First 2 months of this year, we've already sent out 4 proposals; and we have signed contracts on 2 of them.  One even OFFERED to pay a retainer up front (they want their project DONE while it's still springtime).

* I've spoken with my banker friends and they say they have money to lend.
* I've read financial news letters and the amount of savings held in the private sector (businesses) is nearly an all time high.
* I've chatted with my Realtor friends and they are busy putting together deals, acquiring land/properties and starting out roll out packages that have 12-36 month time lines.

I'd say "so far, so good" as this year is starting out.
What's going on where you are?  Please share a tidbit or two.
Many Thanks!

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07-15-2011 12:08

Things have picked up for me - since about March I've had enough projects to keep me going full-time and more if I wanted it. These are mostly mini projects from one repeat client (I hadn't heard from since 2008). But there were also some jobs from other repeat clients as well.
Project #'s:
2007 - 38
2008 - 18
2009 - 12
2010 - 6
2011 to date - 62
I do have project #'s for jobs that are tiny and even just a couple hours of consulting, so I'm definitely NOT rolling in the dough. But it's definitely nice to feel useful these days!