InHouse OutHouse Team Receives AIA Innovation and Practice in House Design Research Grant


The AIA Small Project Practitioners and the AIA Housing Knowledge Community are proud to announce Jason Fleming, Assoc. AIA, Peter Muessig, Assoc. AIA, and Andrew Daley, Assoc. AIA, as recipients of the 2012 AIA Innovation and Practice in House Design Research Grant for their project InHouse OutHouse.

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The InHouse OutHouse, submitted by three colleagues from Rice University, quickly rose to the top of the pile and created a sense of unity among the jury. The idea is to create a prefabricated “core” containing central services of a home such as kitchen, bath, HVAC, etc. off-site where manufacturing can be controlled. Once inserted, the InHouse OutHouse acts as the "guts" of the house, and can be used in existing homes or used in new construction.  Whether deployed in Houston, Los Angeles, or any other American city or town, the InHouse OutHouse will allow communities to retain their character while being infused with modern conveniences.

“The InHouse OutHouse has the potential to change everything. It will allow existing homes to have a fresh, new, healthy interior with modern conveniences while providing a tried and true exterior shell that is socially and culturally within context. It’s like having a new body and fitting into your old favorite jeans," commented juror R. Denise Everson, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP.

"The InHouse OutHouse shifts the paradigm in prefabricated architecture from the assembly of outsized boxes to strategic, high-value insertions of factory-made components. No doubt this will spur a renaissance among architects and developers who have long sought a way to harness the potential of industrial production" commented juror Leonard Kady, AIA.

Learn more about the research grant on Jason's blog entry and look for their completed work on the AIA website this fall.

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Jason Fleming, Assoc. AIA, Peter Muessig, Assoc. AIA, and Andrew Daley, Assoc. AIA, (left to right, above) came together at the Rice University School of Architecture in Houston, TX. Although each came from very different backgrounds, different areas of the country, and different undergraduate institutions, the three became fast friends, forging a working relationship through the Rice Building Workshop (RBW) under Co-Directors Danny Samuels, FAIA, and Nonya Grenader, FAIA. It was here that the three built on previous RBW research into consolidated kitchen and bathroom “cores”, introducing pre-fabrication and the potential for both new construction and renovation, and thus the InHouse OutHouse was born. Seeing its great potential, they set out to see it come to life, harnessing their mutual passion for the built world and the didactic nature of architecture.

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