SPP Tip: Give back to the community

SPP Tip: Give back to the community
by Liza Hausman, VP of Community for Houzz 

Social media and other technology tools changing the way homeowners get information and work with building and remodeling design professionals. You can expect today's homeowner to do an enormous amount of due diligence before hiring an architect. This includes viewing a professional's portfolio of past projects, reading client reviews, and using community activity to gauge a professional's personality and what he or she might be like to work with – and they are doing so as much as a year before starting a project. 

Investing the time to develop and manage your online presence and to communicate with prospective clients who will likely research you online will help build your brand and ultimately grow your business. A recent Houzz survey found that when it comes to hiring a professional for their project, 67 percent of homeowners surveyed rated a "personality I can work with" as a 5 (very important) on a 5-point scale. Regularly sharing a bit of your knowledge through discussions on Houzz or your social media channels -- whether that be content, advice or answering questions -- will raise your profile among prospective clients, build your brand by showcasing your expertise, and give people a better sense of what you are like to work with - even before they ever pick up the phone.