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Have a great permit process story to share?

  • 1.  Have a great permit process story to share?

    Posted 01-05-2015 21:32
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    I'm gathering 'Best Practice' permit streamlining examples for a program at the Atlanta convention, and would appreciate hearing about any examples you have experienced. 

    I'm particularly interested in hearing about use of 'Permit in a Day' programs (such as Dallas' QTeam; Raleigh 'Express Review); "Prequalification" programs where plans prepared according to a 'plan check friendly template' get expedited review while the jurisdiction experiences quicker processing (one example uses the AIA Florida's "Guide to  Creating Code Compliant Documents"); and "Professional Certification" programs that are 'architect friendly' in how they are structured and implemented. 

    With staff reductions of up to 80% in some building jurisdictions during the recession, there is increasing interest in finding ways to operate more efficiently and effectively in permit processing, which can be a 'win win' - with benefits to community economic development, jobs, adding to the high performance building stock, and lowering costs for both public and private sector.

    Thanks for taking a moment to share, even if only a sentence or two.  If your story touches more on the 'dark side' of programs that are not so architect friendly - that's of interest as well.

    Michael Malinowski AIA
    AIACC President Elect
    Applied Architecture, Inc.
    Sacramento CA