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Permit Streamlining Best Practices

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    Posted 05-12-2014 18:03
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    I'm researching Permit Streamlining Best Practices around the country, and would like to hear about Permit Processing successes - and nightmares.   Even a sentence or two is helpful; for cross posting to the PermitStreamline.Com database.  No problem if you prefer to remain 'anonymous' just let me know that.  

    With over 30,000 jurisdictions in the US, the range of experiences and programs Architects face in navigating local approvals all across the board.   My goals is to help the Architects become change agents, taking a leadership role in how our instruments of Service are reviewed by local jurisdictions on the way to getting building permits.  Join the conversation live in Chicago at the AIA Convention, 6/27/2014 from 2 to 3:30 FR206.  

    Michael Malinowski AIA
    AIA Director - California Region
    Applied Architecture, Inc.
    Sacramento CA