March 2017

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Small Firm Exchange
SFx Scan: September 2017
Leadership Issue


  High Impact Leadership   Leadership Institute 2017  

Providing leadership education for architects and emerging professionals remains a priority for AIA. Core to its mission, the Small Firm Exchange advocates for small firms, provides leadership in professional development and practice, and supports the local chapter round tables and small firm networks. To that end, SFx is dedicated to building awareness of high impact programs designed for leaders who want to be better leaders and who want to foster future leaders - in the firm, in the community and throughout the profession. To increase your leadership confidence, you must connect with your core values and grow from there. Read more

  The leadership event of the year is coming to a venue near you. Join us November 16 for the AIA Leadership Institute 2017, a powerful one-day leadership training event for architects. Earn up to 6.25 LU|HSW by participating at one of our five Regional Venue locations. Register today!  



5 Rules of Leadership Collaboration, Trust, and Growth Success in Succession
"Whether we are running a firm of 1 or 100, it is leadership that will determine the success or failure of a firm. It does not matter how bad the economy gets or how your opportunities may have been reduced by circumstances outside your control. The fate of your firm sits squarely in your hands." In starting and leading a small firm, the abilities and preferences of the owners determine a firm’s culture, clients, and ultimately, its business model. Therefore it is critical that leaders reflect on their behaviors – how they impact others and whether or not their ways of doing things are still working

When you own a design firm, “there are two exit strategies: death and quitting.” But what about the third well-handled leadership succession?

Join Architect Magazine as they consult four firm leaders on tips for confronting this challenging, and often delicate, process.



  Living Your Life as a Leader   AIA Leadership Development Programs   AIA Trust Small Firm Solutions  

Created by the AIA Center for Civic Leadership, Living Your Life as a leader is the premiere workbook for your personal leadership development.

Newly revised, the second edition features new leadership stroies and interactive exercises to guide architects as they cultivate their leadership potential.

Order V.2 now!


AIA leadership development programs—in tandem with AIA components across the country—help shape the minds of architects of all experience levels.

Hone essential competencies for leadership through four key leadership tracks:

  • Fundamentals
  • Community
  • Firm
  • Professional

    Small Firm Management Tips addresses how the cash-flow problems that small firms often face may risk both business assets and personal exposure – and what you can do to prevent such risks. This list of recommendations may help you to avoid professional liability losses.

    Visit the AIA Trust Small Firm Programs & Resources page for a listing of tools, resources, and programs designed to help small firms.


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