Letter from the Chair


Welcome to the inaugural newsletter from the Small Firm Exchange (SFx)! We began in 2011 as the Small Firm Roundtable (SFRT) establishing our mission to advance the mutual interests of architects practicing in small firms. Within our mission, there are three primary objectives that we focus our efforts upon:


(1) Advocate for small firms within the AIA and in outside organizations and agencies.

(2) Promote leadership in Small Firm professional development and practice; and

(3) Facilitate and support the local component round tables and small firm networks.


As our group of diverse professionals from around the country began developing the wonderful work benefiting both current and prospective Architects, it was clearly apparent that we were much more than a ‘Roundtable.’  We had created a platform for exchanging ideas and knowledge, ergo our new name the Small Firm Exchange (SFx). I believe SFx is a conduit of information linking small firm practitioners and design professionals to knowledge that strengthens their practice and professional careers.



I am confident you will find the information that we provide in our newsletter will be an asset. In this issue you will find more information on the newest version of the Kinetic app, which has become one of the centerpieces of SFx. This is a free resource that was developed solely by AIA volunteer members for the entire architecture profession.


Also, please take notice of and participate in our Business Model Survey. We are working to develop a database that will communicate various business models of Architecture firms. Having a better understanding of the different shapes of firms will not only help SFx serve those professionals but also provide key data points that you can learn best current practices trends.


Lastly, you will notice content and opportunities from other AIA groups, i.e. Small Project Practitioners (SPP) and Technology in Architecture Practice (TAP) that have relevance to the Small Firm. This cross sharing of knowledge with other AIA communities for the benefit of our members and the profession is at the heart of what constitutes the SFx.


We hope you enjoy this exchange and please also follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/AIASFx and join us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AIASFx.



Rob Walker, AIA

2016 SFx Cha



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