Business Model Survey


The primary goal of the Small Firm Practice workgroup is to assemble “best practices” information and make it available to small firms, and the current focus is a targeted survey to collect information of small firm practice profiles. The workgroup plans to present the results of the survey in summary form and to present case studies of exemplary firms' practice management profiles in scales of 1, 2-4, and 5-9 person firms.

The “call to action” is for small firms to take the survey and help exchange information more specific to small firms’ interests and concerns. A “Beta version” of the survey used in Philadelphia has been critiqued and developed into an on-line format. It is ready for distribution, and encourage you to look to future reports in Newsletters. Join us in making this data more accurate by making sure your firm is represented in the survey results. You can take the survey on-line using this link.

We know you will be impressed with the data analytics “dashboard” we share in future newsletters to present the results for your use as benchmarks to better your practice.