Greetings fellow small firm leaders!


I am honored to serve as your 2019 Small Firm Exchange (SFx) national committee chair and to lead a team of 20 dedicated regional representatives to support the needs of AIA’s small firm practitioners. We are a conduit between the larger institute and your local needs and we're here to help your practice prosper.

We held our annual meeting in February this year at the AIA headquarters in DC to meet with department stakeholders and staff. We discussed and aligned our committee structures with the national AIA Operating Plan and re-structured our workgroups in the areas of Practice, Influence, Conference, and Outreach. Our regional representatives aligned themselves within these workgroups and we created workgroup chairs or co-chairs. We created task-groups to review resources from The Center for Practice, COTE, TAP and AIAU to create curated collections of information important to small firms – which we will be sharing throughout in the year – and task-groups to work with AIA Trust, AIA Leadership Development Program Steering Group, and AIA Advocacy on healthcare options, leadership development, lien-rights awareness, and other advocacy issues.

The Conference Workgroup is gearing up for A’19. We're co-hosting the AIA Community Connections Social Thursday night at 6:30pmin The High Roller Room at the LINQ Hotel (EV205). You can also join us for the SFx-SPD Forum on Friday at 1PM (ME302) to hear more details about our work and to allow us to hear from you. !

We encourage you to reach out to your local AIA SFx Regional Representative to discuss how AIA could better support your firm. You can find us online at, and follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, we want to hear from you!

Dedicated to raising all boats,


Christopher Toddy, AIA – 2019 SFx Chair