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AAH Awards Supplement

Healthcare Design Award recipients with the...#AcademyofArchitectureforHealth #design #healthcare #Awards

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Focus Search - : 44,745 Construction start date: November 2014

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CAE Design Awards: Previous Recipients

Facility Design Awards on the AIA Website...Awards books here: 2015 | 2016 below: 2014 You can find recent...awards on here: 2016...#award #Education #educationfacilities

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Focus Search - awards. In 2014, the firm was listed as one

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2014 Spring Conference - COD NY

Join us as we explore the Big Ideas taking shape in New York City as part of this year’s theme Big Cities | Big Ideas. The Big Idea is a consistent thread of design excellence and the underlying concept around which design is brought to life. The best big ideas create memorable architecture,...

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Focus Search - Committee on Design 2014 New York City

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Rush University Medical Center New Hospital Tower

Rush University Medical Center New Hospital TowerChicago, ILPerkins+WillCategory B AwardThe concept was to reorient the campus around patients and families, as well as create a more inviting presence for the campus. To achieve this, the new hospital was designed with an “inside-out” approach....

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Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute

Ann B. Barshinger Cancer InstituteLancaster, PAACHA ​Category B AwardCancer is a traumatic and continuing illness where patients endure life altering diagnosis, iterative and prolonged treatment regimens and, increasingly, life-mending healing. The building design focuses on two...

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GHESKIO Cholera Treatment Center

GHESKIO Cholera Treatment CenterPort-au-Prince, Haiti MASS Design Group Category D AwardWhen cholera rapidly spread across Haiti in 2010, independently-operated cholera treatment tents were assembled as a short-term response. Over three years later, these facilities remain the mainstays for...

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