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Brand Building in the Era of the Empowered Client: How online storytelling can help your business

One of the biggest challenges for residential architects today is working with clients who are more empowered than ever ─ empowered about what designs they like, what products they want, and what they know about your firm before they even sit down to discuss their project. Given this,...

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Focus Search - Weve had people be hired in Dubai, we just had a couple of projects in New Zealand, we had an architect in Seattle, who was contacted by homeowner in Sydney who toured him around for a house on Skype and then introduced him to the builder, and then flew him out there to work on the project

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BY-RIGHT/BY-DESIGN: Los Angeles Housing Designed & Developed

In BY-RIGHT/BY-DESIGN, Liz Falletta of USC presents a qualitative analysis of significant Los Angeles multi-family housing design projects and their associated development types. A side-by-side graphic comparison of these works—common, basic types developed in large numbers over time by builders...

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Focus Search - BY-DESIGN BY-RIGHT DISCIPLINARY VALUES Los Angeles Housing Designed and Developed Liz Falletta - ACSA/AIA Housing Research Lecture - 12/3/12 ENVISIONER OF THE COMMUNITY DRAWINGS & DIAGRAMS Design Innovation/Originality Personal Design Interests/Body of Work Form/Space/Program/Material Relationships PLANNING REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT DESIGN DISCIPLINARY VALUES Liz Falletta - ACSA/AIA Housing Research Lecture - 12/3/12 CARETAKER OF THE COMMUNITY REGULATORY PLANS & CODES Social and Spatial Justice Public Participation Identity/Sense of Place BUILDER OF THE COMMUNITY MARKET ANALYSES AND PROFORMAS Profitability/Financial Feasibility Speed to Market/Time Value of Money Track Record/Legacy Videre, Rooming House, Seattle Ecco Design Inc., Architects Armstrong Place, San Francisco David Baker + Partners, Architects Cyan/PDX Apartments, Portland THA Architects & GBD Architects DISCIPLINARY VALUES Liz Falletta - ACSA/AIA Housing Research Lecture - 12/3/12 HOUSING DISCIPLINES CAN AGREE THESE PROJECTS ARE GOOD The Orsini GH Palmer Associates Nelson/Boivin Architecture & Planning 3025 Mansion Luxury Student Housing S C Capital Management Inc