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Kanazawa/Shirakawa-Go Slideshow

The Crafting The Future teaser continues with some highlights of sights in Kanazawa to be visited during part 2 of the conference. A castle town like Tokyo, Kanazawa is divided into distinct neighborhoods. The area of the samurai housing, the eastern tea/entertainment district and the castle...


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Nagoya/Meiji Mura Slideshow

This photomontage grants a preview of some of the architectural sights that await the attendees of part 2 of the Crafting the Future Joint Conference in Japan. Beginning in downtown Nagoya and continuing with the open air architectural museum of Meiji mura in Inuyama - the slideshow is just the...


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Tokyo Slideshow

A sneak peak at some of the Tokyo buildings that are part of the Crafting the Future Joint Conference in Japan 2011. The photos offer a taste of the variety of design examples that exist in the distinct neighborhoods of Tokyo. List of Buildings: Roppongi Hills Mori Tower National Art...


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COD Guide to Columbus

The guide was created as a compliment to the Defining Architectural Design Excellence themed conference in Columbus, Indiana in April 2012. Download Will Miller's keynote presentation. #Guides #columbus #IN #Indiana #CommitteeonDesign #Conferences

2012 AIA COD Columbus-Indiana--Defining Architectural Design Excellence conference guide11.pdf

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The Architect's Role in Mitigating Climate Change: Design in the Era of Risk and the Post-Sandy Environment

This webinar is part of a series sponsored by the Regional and Urban Design community on AIA KnowledgeNet. This webinar explores how design and other professionals, working collaboratively, can address the new normal of climate change, sea level rise, seismic risks, extreme heat and other...

2015RUDC02 Full Presentation.pdf

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2019 COD Conference – San Francisco

#Conferences #programming #CommitteeonDesign #2019 #Guides #SanFrancisco

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Focus Search - Carl Keim/Adamson Associates Plaza Talk — Salesforce Tower & Salesforce Transbay Tower 12:30-1:30pm Project Tour: Salesforce Tower 1:30-2:30pm Lunch at Barcha 2:30-3:00pm Walk to SFMOMA/break John King & Josh Switzky Light Snack provided Project Talk - SFMOMA Jon McNeal/Snohetta Bill Kreysler/Kreysler Associates Project Tour: SFMOMA Jon McNeal/Snohetta Bill Kreysler/Kreysler Associates 4:30pm Return to Hyatt Regency Travel on your own 4:30-5:45pm Free time 5:00-6:00pm Hors D’oeuvres and Honor Bar Complimentary - Hyatt C Club Lounge 5:45pm Depart for DFAB House Exhibit Walk/taxi Swiss Touch Open House DFAB House Exhibit 6:30-7:15pm Reception Pier 17, Suite 600 The Embarcadero Seaglass Restaurant The Exploratorium, Pier 15 The Embarcadero 7:30-8:15pm Dinner 8:15–8:30pm Opening Remarks/Swiss Slideshow 8:30–9:00pm 50th Anniversary Slideshow/Panel 9:00–9:45pm Members Slide Show 9:45pm Return to Hyatt Regency Walk/taxi Saturday, April 6, 2019 Day 3: Silicon Valley Time Event Item Notes Before 7:00am Breakfast on your own 7:00am Buses depart for Stanford Stanford Project tours: Central Energy Facility & Stanford Educational Farm Zach Pozner/Stanford Chris Wasney/CAW Architects 9:30-9:45am Split buses 4 groups – 2 @ each 9:45-10:30am Stanford Project tours - split groups: Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford The Center — Windhover Joshua Aidlin/Aidlin Darling Design Andrea Cochran/ACLA 10:30-10:45am Split buses 4 groups – 2 @ each 10:45-11:30am Stanford Project tours - split groups: The Center — Windhover Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford Joshua Aidlin/Aidlin Darling Design Andrea Cochran/ACLA 11:30am Buses depart for Facebook 12-12:15pm Facebook sign-in and break 1 Facebook Way, Menlo Park 12:15-1:00pm Lunch at Facebook 1:00-1:45 pm Project Presentation: Facebook Presentation by Facebook Team 1:45-2:45pm Project Tour: Facebook MPK 20 & 21 Project Tour by Facebook Team 2:45pm Buses depart for Google 3:15-3:30pm Google sign-in and break 1055 Joaquin Rd, Mountain View Chris Alwan/Google Project Presentation: Google - Charleston East Light Snacks provided Project Tour: Google Charleston East construction tour 5:30pm Buses depart for Apple Joshua Plourde/BIG Blake Smith/BIG Chris McAnneny/Heatherwick Sunday, April 7, 2019 Day 4: SF, Mission Bay Time Event Item Notes Before 7:30am Breakfast on your own Complimentary - Hyatt C Club 7:30am Hotel check out Check bags at Hyatt 7:30-7:45am - Or - Bag drop-off at Hyatt curb for 12:00 bus to SFO 7:45-8:00am Walk to Ferry Building/Market Bar Market Bar in Ferry Building Presentation – Mission Bay Breakfast buffet John Rahaim, SF Planning 9:00am Buses depart for Family House/Five88 540 & 588 Mission Bay Blvd 9:15-10:00am 10:00-10:45am 10:45-12:00pm Project tours - split groups: Family House Five88 Mission Bay Blvd Project tours - split groups: Five88 Mission Bay Blvd Family House Project Tour – Uber HQ construction tour Tour start: 3rd Street at Mission Bay Blvd 4 groups – 2 at each location Marsha Maytum/LMS Gregg Novicoff/LMS 4 groups – 2 at each location David Baker/DBA Caroline Souza/DBA 1455 & 1515 3rd Street Shannon Han/SHoP Architects Eric Hoffman/SHoP Architects Karen Brandt/Heintages Ed Tingley/Quezada Architects 12:00noon Bus departs for San Francisco Airport (SFO) — OR— Neighborhood walk Mission Bay and Dogpatch 2:00pm Bus returns to Hyatt Chase Center, Uber R&D, Block 27 Parking, Pier 70, local coffee 6:00-7:00pm Project Tour: Apple Visitors Center 10600 N Tantau Ave, Cupertino 7:00pm Buses depart for SF Hyatt Regency 8:00pm Dinner on your own Presenter Presentation Notes AIA COD San Francisco Attendees Presenter Presentation Notes Left to right: Heather Young, David Greenbaum and Dan Garber Presenter Presentation Notes Left to right Susan Parrish, John Myefski and Heather Young • Moderated symposium to compare and contrast how the topics of social equity, housing development, and landscape design are evolving in San Francisco to better reflect the values of social equity and public engagement. • We learned how the symposium speakers modified their practices to implement innovative thinking into their practices and work, ultimately reshaping the services they provide to the public

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ReFAB PreFAB: The Practice and Science of Prefabrication at the Cutting Edge

Although prefabrication is not new to the practice of architecture, its full potential, particularly in residential design and construction, has yet to be realized. The time for architects to take the lead in realizing this potential is now. New concepts and technologies in prefabrication are...

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Focus Search - Peter: We didn’t include that in the slide show, but it’s something that we worked out for a case study that we did

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2017 COD Austin Guidebook

This is the conference booklet for the COD Conference in Austin, February 23-26, 2017. #Austin #conference #COD #Conferences #CommitteeonDesign #2017 #Guides #programming #austin

AIA COD 2017 Spring Conf Austin - BookSM.pdf