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More Wisdom of the Ages: Business Development

AIA Practice Management Knowledge Community continues a free Webinar series with its continued in-depth look at the issues and challenges of business development. This webinar explores best practices for measuring your firm’s success and includes results from a survey conducted during...

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Focus Search - Learn how trends impact sales and marketing 3 A3K Consulting  Survey was open to all registrants  Questions in nine (9) areas  Performance Metrics  Budgeting  Go-No-Go Decision Making  Trends  Proposals  Business Development  Management  Leadership  Strategy 4 A3K Consulting  Highest responses  Performance Metrics  Go-No-Go Decision Making  Business Development  Trends  Strategy 5 A3K Consulting CALCULATIONS:  Sales Goals  Sales Pipeline  BD Return on Investment  Hit Rates As the Architect Turns…. 6 Sales Goal ∑PNB = PF * Pr PNB= Potential New Business PF = Potential Fee per Project Pr = Probability ∑= Sum 7 Example Probability ◦ Prospect 5-10% ◦ Shortlist 20-25% ◦ Top contender 40-55% ◦ Awarded 75-80% ◦ NTP 90% PNB= $3,600,000 * 0.10 * 0.05= $18,000 (A/E) 8 Sales Pipeline Sp= R HR Sp = Sales in pipeline R = Revenue goal for year HR= Hit Rate Sp > PNB 9 BD Return on Investment ROI = NF- DL BDc NF= Net Fee DL= Direct Labor BDc= Business Development Costs 10 Hit Rates Must be calculated for: ◦ Wins ◦ Shortlist ◦ Short-list Lost ◦ Pass ◦ Lost HR=PrW TP PrW = Projects Won TP = Total Number of Pursuits 11 Analysis Cause ◦ Examine proposal responsiveness ◦ Examine interview skills ◦ Evaluate entire strategy ◦ Examine go-no-go decision making Effect ◦ Shortlist ◦ Short-list Lost ◦ Lost ◦ Pass 12 A3K Consulting Business Development BEST PRACTICE:  Establish revenue goal  Define a sales pipeline  Assess your return on investment  Analyze your hit rate(s)  Adjust your process QUESTION(s): How do we keep this simple?

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Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Federal Building Modernization

2012 BIM Award Program Category: BIM Delivery Process Innovation Citation Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Federal Building Modernization SERA Architects, Inc. General Services Administration, Region 10 #PublicArchitectsCommittee #2012BIMAwardProgram #CaseStudies ...

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2016 AIA COD Sponsorship Prospectus

The Committee on Design (OD) was founded to promote design excellence among members of the AIA, the broader design community, and the public at large, both nationally and internationally. There are over 12,000 members of COD. These members are active in the AIA and, for the most part, lead...

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Focus Search - Your COD sponsorship provides your organization with the prospect for a financial return on investment with name recognition for your brand and the opportunity to build long-term working relationships with these influential architects

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Client Research: Debunking Myths and Maximizing ROI

If you don’t ask, you don’t get!’ This truism is particularly relevant in client research. There’s so much valuable information to be gathered, but few firms/individuals have the knowledge base and skills set to ask the right questions, of the right people, at the right time. In this webinar, we...

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Occupant’s Perceptions of Openness in Federal Courthouses

Authors: Debajyoti Pati, Mahbub Rashid, Craig Zimring Year of Publication: 2010 Country of Study: USA How do courthouse occupants and the general public perceive the architectural design of new generation federal courthouses? Does the federal government’s design intention to achieve ...


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Practical BIM

This July 13, 2012 session of the Practical BIM symposium (broadcasted as a webinar) consists of four leaders in technology in practice: Daniel J. Janotta, AIA, discusses BIM Implementation, Process, and Training; Dennis Sheldon, Ph.D., AIA, discusses BIM and the Cloud; Anton Harfman, AIA...

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Focus Search - [Elias Torre] Q: My question is that Im curious if Johnson Fain has an ROI (Return on Investment) they are willing to share for their use of BIM

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Just Go With It: Development Programming for Architects in a BIM / IWMS World

The CAFM KC presented a webinar to explore an expanded role for today’s architectural programmers and facility planners as both analyst and information manager. This expanded role adds a new dimension as the profession adopts new tools and technology to meet client expectations for more cost...

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A/E Industry Presentation Handout

The economic downturn and credit crunch has had a significant impact on global mergers and acquisitions. This session will review the impact on industry consolidation trends and how design firms can best position themselves to successfully close deals in the new environment, whether they are...

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