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Audiocast: Retail Design around the World

The U.S. shopping center industry was the model for development success in the 1980s and early 1990s, and developers in Latin America, Asia, Australia, Europe, South Africa, and the Middle East began to seek design services from U.S. retail architecture firms

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Opportunities and Understanding for International Practice

Is your firm working internationally or does it want to begin or expand services in other countries? Firms of different sizes are increasingly finding opportunity’s abroad and experiencing the rewards, challenges and risks found in the global arena. This webinar will highlight the recent...

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Focus Search - Q: Is there a market for high end residential in Asia or Latin America [De Etta Ewing] A: As societies in Asia and Latin America transition to stronger economies and increased wealth there is a significant demand for luxury housing. 2

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Healthcare Essentials: Designing for the Next Sandy

Weather-event Sandy revealed a need to get better at preparing our hospitals to be fully operational during extreme weather. Such events occur more frequently in the Caribbean, where proactive architects and engineers are incorporating hardening design features well in excess of local hospital...

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Focus Search - Princess Margaret Hospital, Jamaica Hurricane Gilbert (1988) Central Medical Stores, Grand Turk (Hurricane Ike, 2008) Cornwall Regional Hospital, Jamaica (Hurricane Gilbert, 1988) • According to the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), between 1981 and 1996: • 93 hospitals and 538 health centers were damaged as a result of natural hazards. • Losses amounted to US$3.1 billion. • This could be compared to an extreme situation in which 20 countries in the region had each suffered the loss of 5 major hospitals and 27 health centers

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MOVING TO AN INTERNATIONAL PRACTICE: Small, Medium, Large—Guidance for All Practices

Power point presentation from the workshop at the 2013 AIA National Convention in Denver, Colorado. #internationalpractice #Guides #Workshops #internationalwork #BestPractices #internationalmarkets #overseas #Presentations

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Focus Search - Wright, AIA Principal, Page Southerland Page LLP Vice President, AIA International Region International work in general… • Comprises about 7% of total gross 2011 billings (all firms) • Doubled in the last decade Source: AIA, “The Business of Architecture” International work in general… Within the past three years: • 13 percent of all firms have had international work • Two-thirds of international billings in Asia, Middle East, or Latin America Source: AIA, “The Business of Architecture” International work in general… Within the past three years: More than half of firms > 50 staff have international work ” Source: AIA, “The Business of Architecture” International work in general… Within the past three years: 20% of firms with 10-49 staff have international work 10% of firms < 10 staff have international work Source: AIA, “The Business of Architecture” Source: AIA, “The Business of Architecture” International work in general… In 2011, about 25% of firms not currently pursuing international work are interested in doing so… This is a 28% increase since 2008

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AAH1807: Carbon/Energy Roadmaps for Healthcare Organizations

This webinar is sponsored by the Academy of Architecture for Health (AAH) on August 21, 2018 from 2–3pm ET. Earn 1.0 AIA LU/HSW. This session will present a framework for developing a carbon/energy roadmap with a discussion of the considerations and approaches that should be incorporated....


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International Practice Resources

Resources from the international practice workshop at the 2014 AIA National Convention in Chicago, IL. Including: - Background on the AIA International Practice Committee - Resources for architects seeking international projects - Links to valuable resources and networks - Middle East...

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Focus Search - AIA Associate Principal/Senior Vice President HKS Jose Gelabert‐Navia, AIA, LEED AP Principal/Regional Director Latin America Perkins+Will jose.gelabert‐ Thomas V

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2015 Conference - Presentation Powerpoints

This year's conference focused on the future of justice and invited participants to challenge the status quo. Our panels and roundtable discussions brought stakeholders from a wide variety of jurisdictions together to discuss their experiences with justice projects around the country and beyond....

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2015 AAJ Conference Brochure

Please download the on-site guide for the 2015 AAJ Conference "Challenging the Status Quo." The guide includes a detailed event schedule, full session descriptions, speaker biographies, and exhibitor profiles. #Conferences #Brochures #2015AAJConference #AcademyonArchitectureforJustice

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