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Cities in the Age of Climate Change

Cities in the Age of Climate Change Resilience, Sustainability and Livability Presenter: Author Susannah Drake Susannah will present her internationally acclaimed practices using urban design and landscape architecture to make cities more resilient

 10-16-2013 | 18:30 - 20:30 ET

Design for Climate Action: Intersections Symposium ONLINE

Register for Design for Climate Action: Intersections Symposium – two 90-minute educational sessions, 4:00-5:30 pm (EDT), July 28 and 29, offered online. Visit, log in or create an account and register today. Free for AIA members and...

 07-28-2020 16:00 - 07-29-2020 17:30 ET

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RE: Mazria / benefits of a green grid

The design role in the public health crisis that is climate change is very clear, and it offers every architect and firm an unprecedented leadership opportunity. -- Kira Gould CONNECT 415 690 0182

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Resilient Design: The Regional and Urban Scale (Handout)

Climate change and the associated impacts, along with exponential population growth and the over-consumption of resources associated with that growth, is rapidly degrading the system balance

Handout PDF.pdf

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Mazria / benefits of a green grid

Focus Search - They will save money." h/t to Martin Pedersen for continuing to amplify many important voices in COMMON EDGE COLLABORATIVE , including Ed Mazria's, on the critical issues we face today, including ... including climate (without solving this one, all the ingenuity in the world on the others will be irrelevant) #climateaction #tellmesomethinggood #designthefuture

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RE: Scott Shell op-ed on phasing out gas

Thank you for responding! I touched base with Scott Shell to help me respond more fully / accurately, and here's the skinny: These are good questions that we hear a lot. In California we use a lot more electricity during summer due to AC than we do during the winter. Building electrification...

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Focus Search - Former CAISO President Steve Berberich highlighted this problem in a press briefing after the rolling blackouts, noting the need for planning that captures the increasing likelihood of extreme weather driven by climate change.  

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Scott Shell op-ed on phasing out gas

Focus Search - Understanding the benefits of all-electric construction, it's imperative that as architects, we lead the way towards a healthier, more sustainable future by educating our clients about the climate dangers associated with gas."… #leadership #climateaction #designthefuture -- Kira Gould Principal Kira Gould CONNECT Oakland CA --

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2017 Summer Leadership Summit Speaker Presentations

Evolution Revolution July 21–23, 2017 Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel, Chicago, IL Co-hosted by the AIA/AAH and ACHA Travel through time as industry, thought and research leaders highlight how healthcare priorities and assumptions have changed since the mid 1980’s and going forward. See a...

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Focus Search - We work closely with our clients, peer financial institutions, NGOs and other partners to finance solutions to climate change, develop industry standards, reduce our own environmental footprint, and engage with stakeholders to advance shared learning and solutions