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Three Generations of Evaluation and Design of Correctional Facilities

Authors: Richard Wener, William Frazier, and Jay Farbstein Year of publication: 1985 Country of study: USA The goal of this article was to describe and evaluate how direct supervision evolved over three generations of corrections facilities, and to demonstrate the enabling role of post-occupancy evaluations (POE) in the evolution of jail design


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Effects of a Simulated Nature View on Cognitive and Psycho-Physiological Responses of Correctional Officers in a Jail Intake Area

Authors: Jay Farbstein, Melissa Farling, Richard Wener. Year of Publication: 2009. Country of Study: USA In an attempt to understand one aspect of the impact of correctional facility environments on inmates and staff, this research studied the influence of views of nature, designed into the...


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Impact of Horticultural Therapy on Psychosocial Functioning Among Urban Jail Inmates

Authors: Jay S. Rice and Linda L. Remy Year of Publication: 1998 Country of Study: USA The authors of this study identified a lack of statistical evaluations of horticulture programs in the scholarly literature. Thus, the objective of this study was to provide an empirical evaluation of a...


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2014 AAJ Conference Program

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Focus Search - Some of this work has begun to modify traditional prison and jail design