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Emily Marthinsen, FAIA

University of California, Berkeley

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University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA


Emily is Campus Architect at the University of California, Berkeley and heads the office of Physical and Environmental Planning (PEP).  PEP provides comprehensive physical and environmental planning services for the Berkeley campus.  Emily works closely with campus clients and consultants through early planning phases and design concept development of projects emphasizing program and project definition, alternative space development and alignment with overall campus urban design and planning policy.  She is responsible for the campus design review process, coordination with the City of Berkeley related to planning issues and the implementation of the 2020 Long Range Development Plan.

Emily joined Berkeley's Capital Projects, the Real Estate Division’s precursor, in 2000 as Principal Planner responsible for surge (relocation) planning.  She became Assistant Vice Chancellor and Campus Planner in 2006 and was appointed Campus Architect in 2014. She worked previously on campus in the Department of Architecture and in the Office of the Dean, College of Environmental Design.  She taught undergraduate and graduate studios, worked on departmental accreditation and guided programming and planning for Wurster Hall’s seismic retrofit. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Geography from the University of Chicago and Master of Architecture from UC Berkeley.  Emily is a licensed Architect in California and has over thirty-five years of relevant work experience at UC Berkeley and with design and planning firms in San Francisco, Washington, DC, Alexandria, Virginia and Berkeley. Her private practice work focused on pre-design planning and programming for community and non-profit clients and for public agencies.

In addition to the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Emily is a member of the Society for Campus and University Planning (SCUP) and the Association of University Architects (AUA).  She the 2017 Chair of the Public Architects Advisory Group and is a frequent presenter and writer on campus planning and design issues.