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Issue: Spring 2016

Issue: Summer 2015

Issue: Spring 2015

Issue: Fall 2014

Issue: Fall 2012

  • Design Excellence Article by Paula Loomis, FAIA
  • Proposed Public Architects Workshop Schedule for 2013
  • Biography of Dorothy Robyn, new GSA Commissioner of Public Buildings Service
  • Looking Back-Looking Forward
Issue: Spring 2012
  • Message from the 2012 Chair
  • Prominent Fellows Highlight 2012 Public Architects Workshop
  • Back to Basics: the Next Generation for Master Planning
  • Master Planning Afghanistan
  • Planning with SRM and OPM for a Sustainable Future at Fort Hood
  • Paula Loomis, FAIA, Named Winner of Max Urbahn Award from SAME
  • You Made the Short List! Interview Strategy and Execution
  • New Guidance on Master Planning on Its Way
  • The Problem with City Planning
Issue: Spring 2010

Issue: Fall 2009
  • Letter from the Chair by Gerald W. Hines, AIA
  • Welcome to Our 2010 New Advisory Group Member and Associate by Gerald W. Hines, AIA
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) is Taking Off for the US Air Force by Rick Sinkfield, AIA and Maj. Patrick C. Suermann, PhD, PE, LEED AP
  • Goodbye 16 Divisions by Lane Beougher, AIA
  • 2009 National Design-Build Project Awards by Design-Build Institute of America
Issue: Summer 2009
  • Update on Public Architecture Online Resources and Databases by Gerald W. Hines, AIA, 2009 Chair
  • AIA Public Architects: Call for Volunteers Closes September 9th
  • 2009 PATW Post Workshop Summary by David Frommer, AIA, 2009 Vice Chair
  • Working the Stimulus by Patricia Rivers, SES, US Army Corps of Engineers, HQ
  • Trust but Verify: Using Facility Performance Evaluation to Assess Sustainable Building Performance by Lane Beougher, AIA
  • Thomas Jefferson Awards for Public Architecture
  • AIA Contract Documents
  • 2009 Small Project Practitioners
  • Small Firms Resource Center
  • Public Architecture’s 1% Program: Impacting the Community by Christine Snetter, AIA
  • Public Architects Training Workshop at the AIA National Convention – April 29, 2009 Moscone Convention Center  – San Francisco by David Frommer, AIA
  • “Extreme” Charrette in Support of Iraq Reconstruction by Jeffery T Hooghouse, AIA, DBIA
  • Public Architecture Online Resources and Databases by Gerald W. Hines, AIA, 2009 Chair, Public Architects Committee
Issue: Fall 2008
  • Letter from the Chair by David H. Hart, AIA
  • Diversity within the Knowledge Communities by Christine Snetter, AIA
  • The Public Architects Hold 2008 Training Workshop by Gerald W. Hines, AIA
  • Setting Priorities at the Knowledge Leadership Assembly by Christine Snetter, AIA
  • Resources: An Interview with David H. Hart, AIA, on Public Owners Working with Government
Issue: Fall 2007
  • Design-Build: An Owner Speaks by David Frommer, AIA
  • The Public Architects Committee Holds Its 2007 Training Workshop by Bruce Bockstael, FAIA
  • The 2008 Public Architect Action Plan Makes Progress by Gerald W. Hines, AIA
Issue: Spring 2007
  • California Courts Building Program: Serving the Largest Judiciary in the United States by Rona G. Rothenberg, AIA
Issue: Winter 2007
  • The Public Architect 2008 Action Plan by David H. Hart, AIA
  • Report on the 2006 AIA Knowledge Leadership Assembly
  • CM/GC Guidelines for Public Owners: Help Has Arrived! by Michael Kenig
Issue: Fall 2006
  • BIM: Transforming a Traditional Practice Model into a Technology-Enabled Integrated Practice Model by H. Thomas McDuffie, AIA, RIBA
  • Planning Issues for Pandemic Flu by Sally Grans, AIA
  • It’s Not About Being Green by George S. Borkovich
  • Developing a Local Knowledge Community Committee—Component Connections by David Frommer, AIA
Issue: Summer 2006
  • Base Realignment and Closure—Why It Matters To Public Architects
  • Developing a Master Plan for a Government Agency
  • Sustainable Building Performance as Part of a Post Occupancy Evaluation Report
  •  Letter from the 2006 Chair by Paula J. Loomis, Chair, Public Architects Advisory Group 2006
Issue: Spring 2006
  • The Public Architects Committee: A Brief History by Bruce Bockstael, FAIA
  • Public Architects Training Workshop--June 7, 2006 by David Hart, AIA
  • Project Delivery Workshop for Government Facility Project Decision-Makers
  • AIA150--Ways for Public Architects to Get Involved
Issue: Fall 2005
  • Engineering for LEED by Angela Mazzi, AIA
  • Teaching to the Test: LEED Challenges | An Interview with Monica Green, AIA CSI, CCS, LEED AP, Associate Principal Specifications Writer, Westlake Reed Leskosky  Angela Mazzi, AIA 
  • Everything’s Gone Green: Sustainable Design in Public Architecture by Angela Mazzi, AIA
  • Green-ness as a State of Mind by Angela Mazzi, AIA
  • Energy and Environmental Standards for Small Projects by Bruce Bockstael, FAIA
Issue: Spring 2005
  • Rethinking the Way We Do Business by Richard Ornburn
  • Let's Not Reinvent the Wheel: Best Practices in Real Property Management in State Government by Jonathan Herz, AIA, LEED
Issue: Winter 2004
  • Creating the Sustainable Workplace by Rob Obenreder, AIA
  • Public Architecture and LEEDTM: Making It Green and Fair by Jonathan Herz, AIA, LEED
  • Learning from Lower Manhattan Conference Report by Bruce T. Bockstael, FAIA
Issue: Fall 2004
  • A Pre-Project Planning Strategy by Gerald W. Hines, AIA
  • Public Architects Workshop Held in June
  • Public Architects Cohosted Convention Reception