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Topic: Why do projects excel? Take the Dodge Data & Analytics Survey!

1.  Why do projects excel? Take the Dodge Data & Analytics Survey!

Posted 9 days ago


Early this week Dodge Data & Analytics distributed a survey to AIA KC members. (See the description, below.) This survey is targeted to architects, and the intent is to determine whether certain collaborative project delivery approaches align with both project success AND the successful performance of architectural firms.

If enough architects respond, the survey should add persuasive data to support the use of team-based collaboration in project delivery. Please
click here to begin the survey

Note, the survey closes next Wednesday, August 16th.

Thanks, all,



Identify why projects excel

This is an interesting time to be a designer-architecture and the design process are widely celebrated, studied and referenced yet there is a great diversity in approaches and results.


Therefore, AIA and Dodge Data and Analytics invite you to participate in research to identify why projects excel and provide empirical evidence to answer some of the following questions:

  • Are you stressed by owner schedule and budget constraints? What practices enable better use of limited resources to maximize impact of design?
  • Are you looking for ways to improve design practice or reduce wasted effort with other project stakeholders?
  • Do you struggle with convincing other project stakeholders to think or work differently to maximize impact of design?

The survey will only remain open through August 16, so please participate as soon as possible.


In appreciation for your participation, those who complete the study will receive a copy of the top findings and the opportunity to receive a discount (value of up to $279) to a national conference focused on transforming the design and construction industry where results will be shared.


Your responses will be completely confidential and only analyzed in aggregate. In the course of the 12-15 minute survey, you will be asked to identify two specific projects and generally indicate performance on outcomes such as project schedule, budget performance and profitability, as well as answer questions about practices, policies and tactics used to deliver each project.    


Note: This survey is not optimized for a mobile device.

Robert Bostwick FAIA
President, Director of Design
Bostwick Design Partnership
Cleveland OH