Design-Build Construction: Course Manual
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Construction Management/Design-Build: Contracting and Claims Avoidance
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Design-Build Contracting
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Design-Build Contracting: Government Contracts Program
George Washington University Law School Government Contracts Program, 2000

Design-Build Project Delivery: Practice Manual
National Practice Program for the Profession of Architecture in Canada, 1996

Design-Build Manual of Practice
Design-Build Institute of America, 1996

The Architect's Guide to Design-Build Service (William Quatman, ed.)
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Design-Build for the Design Professional
Quatman, W., 2001

Design/Build Survey of Architectural, Engineering, Environmental Consulting, Construction and Design/Build Firms (Karyn Heaney and Dana B. Weinstein, eds.)

Federal Facilities Beyond the 1990s: Ensuring Quality in an Era of Limited Resources
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Handbook on Project Delivery
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PSMJ Design-Build Statistics Survey
Practice Management Associates

Marketing Strategies for Design-Build Contracting
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Design-Build: Architecture in Practice
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McGraw Hill SmartMarket Reports

McGraw Hill Construction SmartMarket Report on BIM

The McGraw Hill SmartMarket Report on Interoperability

IPD Connections

AIA Sustainability Resource Center

AIA Integrated Project Delivery Agreements

2009 and Beyond | Revisiting the Report on Integrated Practice
Originally released in 2006, the Report on Integrated Practice is being re-released with new commentary and podcasts from interviews with each of the report’s original authors.
Issue: Summer 2009
  • Design-Build Risk Management: Insurance Problems and How to Avoid Them by William Reifsteck II, Director of Integrated Services at GKK Works, California
  • Design-Build and Integrated Project Delivery: Similarities and Differences by Markku Allison, AIA, Resource Architect and Betsy Downs, AIA, President, OWP/P Design/Build
  • Integrated Project Delivery: A Guide
  • Project Delivery – Links
  • Show How You Re-Green: Green Housing Awards Program
  • Sustainable Design Assessment Teams (SDAT)
  • Design-Build Family
Issue: Fall 2009
  • Integrated Project Delivery – Faster, Cheaper, Better and more Sustainable by Martin Sell, AIA
  • Integrated Design & Construction Teams Achieve Sustainability Goals by Betsy del Monte, AIA, LEED AP
  • Integrated Design & Construction Teams Achieve Sustainability Goals by Betsy del Monte, AIA, LEED AP
  • Changing Times | Time for Change
Issue: Winter 2008
  • Letter from the Editor by Betsy Downs
  • FreemanWhite Single Source
  • The Scott Partnership, Orlando, Florida
  • WP/P Design/Build, Chicago, Illinois
  • The Beck Group, Dallas
  • Cannon Design, Grand Island, New York
Issue: Winter 2007
  • Letter from the 2007 Chair by Bill Quatman, FAIA
  • Educating Architects for Design-Build Delivery by Dan Rockhill
  • Making the Transition from Designer to Design-Builder by Barbara Jackson, PhD
  • Design-Build Success in Sports Architecture by Joseph E. Spear, FAIA
  • Industrial Expression: The Kansas City Star by Juan Gabriel Moreno, AIA
Issue: Fall 2007
  • Letter from the Chair: To London, To London! by G. William Quatman, FAIA, DBIA
  • Alternative Structure Delivers Alternative Process by Betsy DelMonte
  • Design-Build in the UK by Andrew Thomas
  • Trust: The Key to Success by Christopher Martersteck, AIA, LEED AP, DBIA
  • A View from Jamaica by Frank Spence, Intl. Assoc. AIA
  • A View from Jamaica by Frank Spence, Intl. Assoc. AIA
Issue: Winter 2006
  • Letter from the Past Chair by Dorwin A. J. Thomas, AIA, DBIA
  • Letter from the Incoming Chair by Ben Wilking, AIA, DBIA
  • Daytona International Speedway Renovation:Case Study by David L. Engdahl, AIA, DBIA
  • Center for Advanced Dermatology: Case Study by Ben Wilking, AIA, DBIA
  • Karval School District Vo-Ag Building: Case Study by Ben Wilking, AIA, DBIA
Issue: Summer 2006
  • Letter from the 2006 Chair by Ben Wilking, AIA, DBIA
  • Design-Build: Threat or Opportunity for Architects? by Barry E. Bannett, AIA, DBIA\
  • How to Manage Rising Construction Costs by Scott A. Bannett
Issue: Fall 2006
  • Evaluating Design-Build Projects
  • Design-Build Expands Surety Prequalification Process by Jeff C. Carey, MBA, CPCU, AFSB, CRIS
  • Marketing Designer-Led Design-Build Services
Issue: Winter 2005
  • Letter from the Chair by Dorwin A.J. Thomas, AIA, MRAIC, DBIA
  • Teaming Makes a Difference on Design-Build Projects by Benjamin K. Wilking, AIA
Issue: Summer 2005
  • Letter from the Chair by Dorwin A.J. Thomas, AIA, MRAIC, DBIA
  • Is Your Design-Build Plan Alive? by James P. Cramer, Hon. AIA
  • The AIA's New (and Improved) Design-Build Contracts: Good News for the Design-Build Community by G. William Quatman, Esq., FAIA, DBIA
Issue: Fall 2005
  • Letter from the Chair by Dorwin A.J. Thomas, AIA, DBIA
  • Call for Submissions: 2006 Design-Build Award
  • Mentoring Knowledge Spot
  • Studio 804 Teaches Architecture Through Build
  • Inspiring Change Through Design-Build by James P. Cramer, Hon. AIA
Issue: Fall 2004
  • Letter from the Chair by Dorwin A.J. Thomas, AIA, DBIA
  • Now Available: The Architect’s Guide to Design-Build Services
  • Ask The Integrated Architect
  • Our Vision
  • Our Mission
  • Subcommittee Chairs Needed
  • Meet the 2004 Design-Build Advisory Group

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