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The AIA Project Delivery Knowledge Community (PDKC) promotes the architect’s leadership role in all project delivery methods by assembling and distributing knowledge and best practices for a variety of project delivery methods, e.g. design-build (DB), integrated project deliveries (IPD), and public-private partnerships (P3). 

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  • It is an honor to serve as the Chair of the AIA Project Delivery Knowledge Community (PDKC) for 2019, leading a Knowledge ...

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    Edward, you have expressed several very important concerns. At some point in the past, i looked up the statutes for several states; it seems as though Residential Design (one and two-family residences) ...

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    Hi Eugene, I'm interested in reading what our colleague's opinion was. I will look it up; you have just provoked my thoughts and compelled me to share my own experience. As humans we adapt, we change and ...

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    Author: AIA-AGC Joint Committee Year: 2011 Intended to improve understanding for the mutual benefit ...

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