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LEAN Applications in Healthcare Design and Construction
The goal of LEAN is to provide the desired amount of product or service at the right time and at the highest possible level of quality with zero waste. Understanding and applying the philosophy of LEAN, architects can design efficient healthcare spaces, departments, and buildings which are aligned with ideal staffing and operational processes. Implementing LEAN thinking in both design and construction ultimately maximizes value for clients throughout the life of a project.

Presenters: Ed Boudreau, MD, Mark Vaughan, AIA, ACHA, and Mark Linenberger
Moderators: David Barkin, AIA and David B. Richards, AIA
Presented:  June 24, 2015 | Webinar Resources: PDF

The Business Case for the 2030 Challenge
The value of pursuing the 2030 Challenge is providing sustainable buildings that enhance building performance and improve user productivity as a result of engaging energy modeling, daylighting modeling, and comfort modeling during the design process.  This session outlines how engaging the 2030 Commitment allows your firm to be more competitive in the market.  We will discuss how 2030 Challenge design metrics and tools inform design and how as one takes on the mantle and becomes a champion of the 2030 Commitment, he or she can translate that value added proposition to firm leadership, decision-makers, in-house design teams, and client stakeholders.  Whether delivering the message as an individual designer or as a design firm committed to the 2030 Challenge, you will leave with an enhanced ability to convey how greater value is brought to the project and the client through energy analysis, resulting in not only a reduction in energy consumption and lower building operations costs, but increased environmental quality.  Understanding that modeling results in a high quality design that improves user comfort and productivity, the session will provide participants the tools to facilitate the discussion of why an upfront investment in modeling and tracking energy metrics integral to the design process more than pays for itself in the product of the resultant building and site design, as well as the resultant operations performance of the completed building.

Presenters:  Rico Quirindongo, AIA, Architect, DLR Group; Premnath Sundharam, AIA, Architect/Principal, DLR Group; Nathan Kipnis, AIA, Principal, Kipnis Architecture + Planning
Presented:  October 16, 2014 | Webinar Resources: PDF

Emerging Practice: 3D Digital Printing and the "Maker Economy" - Transforming Practice
3D printing or Additive Manufacturing is a disruptive innovation that could potentially create new markets and value networks for both emerging and established practices. As the technology becomes part of mainstream architectural services and project delivery, what kind of changes would this bring? What are the advantages and disadvantages of different 3D printing processes as it relates to cost reduction and marketing? This webinar explores the advantages and caveats of 3d Printing technology in architecture and design practices through a series of three presentations provided by design scientist Melissa Sterry, Royal Academy of Dutch Architects Professor Janjaap Ruijssenaars and NRI’s Digital Fabrication Specialist.

Presenters:  Jeremy Luebker, Digital Fabrication Specialist; JanJaap Ruijssenaars, Architect, Universe Architecture; Melissa Sterry, Design Scientist & Futurist, MelissaSterry.com
Presented: July 17, 2014 | Webinar Resources:  PDF

Trends in the Profession: Positioning Architects for the Future
Yogi Berra’s wisdom that “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future,” points out the reality that nothing is more important to the leadership of architecture firms in these tumultuous times than stepping back from the day-to-day struggle, scanning the horizon, and taking the long view. This webinar examines “megatrends” that are profoundly influencing what successful design firms will look like in the future.

Presenter:  Ray Kogan, AIA, President, Kogan & Company
Presented:  December 3, 2013, 2013 | Webinar Resources:  PDF and Q&A Log

Deltek Clarity A & E Industry Study
For more than 30 years, the Deltek Clarity A&E Study has served as a roadmap for engineering and architecture firms. The most comprehensive survey in the industry, its insight and analysis covers key topics ranging from competitive strategies (where firms are placing their growth bets) to critical performance benchmarks (net profit, net multiplier, overhead rates, marketing spend and more). This webcast will detail the findings from Deltek’s extensive 2012 annual survey. Besides providing attendees with an in-depth look at the industry, performance metrics will enable you to evaluate your success and contrast that with your peers.

Presenter:  Bob Stalilonis, Senior Solution Director, Deltek
Presented: September 26, 2013 | Webinar Resources:  PDF and Q&A Log

Project Management Series: Project Work Planning
The purpose of this presentation is to present the process of project work planning and the elements of a good plan. All projects, large or small should have a project work plan and certain characteristics will be common across project size and scope. The use of the appropriate level and number of tasks in a plan is discussed. The approach is to simplify and produce project work plans that serve the project team, not to produce plans that must be served.

Presenter:  Stephen C. Evans, AIA, Owner, Stephen C. Evans Consulting, LLC
Presented: June 13, 2013 | Webinar Resources:  PDF and Q&A Log

Project Management Series: Accounting 101 for Project Managers
The purpose of this presentation is to provide a basic understanding of accounting principles used by the architecture and engineering industries. This is accomplished in the webinar format utilizing definition or terms and examples of accounting documents and reports. In addition to Project Managers having this basic understanding, it is best that everyone in a firm understands key financial metrics and business indicators. This will provide a resource to help manage projects more successfully and connect project management with firm business management on a common platform.

Presenter:  Stephen C. Evans, AIA, Owner, Stephen C. Evans Consulting, LLC
Presented:  May 16, 2013 | Webinar Resources:  PDF and Q&A Log

More Wisdom for the Ages
Have you ever wanted to get advice on your toughest business development question? Well, now is your chance. Until March 10th, submit your questions (see above). Karen Compton, presenter of last year's webinar, Best Practices in Business Development, will present part 2 of our highly attended webinar by taking YOUR business development questions and concerns and offering real world advise on everything from trends to managing partners' impassioned pleas to purse everything!

Presenter:  Karen Compton, A3K Consulting, LLC
Presented:  March 28, 2013 | Webinar Resources:  PDF and Q&A Log

Opportunities and Understanding for International Practice

Is your firm working internationally or does it want to begin or expand services in other countries? Firms of different sizes are increasingly finding opportunity’s abroad and experiencing the rewards, challenges and risks found in the global arena. This webinar will highlight the recent research conducted by The Design Futures Council on the significant growth and opportunities that US based practices are enjoying in the international market place. Additionally, Thomas Fridstein, FAIA will share his insights and experience in setting up a successful international practice.

Presenters: Doug R. Parker, Managing Principal, Greenway Group and Thomas K. Fridstein, FAIA, Executive Director, Cuningham Group China
Presented: January 8, 2013 | Webinar Resources: PDF and Q&A Log

Best Practices in Business Development
The fiscal year is almost over and as firms begin to set their sights on the New Year, we must ask ourselves, “What is our business development (sales) plan?” With time being short and money being shorter, the new fiscal year brings with it both challenges and opportunities. The economy continues to pose challenges for many firms, but new emerging markets, new funding mechanisms and changes in policies also represent new opportunities!

Presenter: Karen Compton, Principal, A3K Consulting
Presented October 18, 2012 | Webinar Resources: PDF and Q&A Log

Human Resources: Creating the right workforce for your future
Do you have the right team in place to ensure a successful future for your firm? Creating a great team is not an accident but a deliberate intention executed with discipline. We all know the cost when we hire the wrong people—the time and money invested and lost—but you also lose opportunities, reputation and experience significant gaps in project performance. This session contains three parts: 1) The impact of a great work environment on attraction and retention of top talent. 2) Best practices in hiring and development. 3) Developing a high performance team.

Presenter: Sandy Blaha, President, Sandy Blaha Performance Consulting
Presented June 28, 2012 | Webinar Resources: PDF and Q&A Log | Human Resources Workbook

Beyond Marketing: Social Media for Recruiting and Retention, Research and Development, and Knowledge Management
Knowledge Architecture recently completed a study on social media activities of over 250 of the largest architecture and engineering firms in North America. Over half of the architecture and engineering firms we surveyed are actively using social media. Of those firms, almost all of them were using social media to market their firms, which did not come as a surprise. However, we were surprised by the number of firms who were using social media for purposes other than marketing, such as recruiting and retention, research and development, and knowledge management. This session will contain three parts: 1) Presentation of research findings 2) Discussion of key insights and trends yielded by our research 3) Presentation of case studies which indicate where social media is heading for architects and engineers.

Presenter: Christopher Parsons, Founder and CEO, Knowledge Architecture
Presented March 22, 2012 | Webinar Resources: PDF and Q&A Log

Architecture/Engineering Industry Consolidation
The economic downturn and credit crunch has had a significant impact on global mergers and acquisitions. This session will review the impact on industry consolidation trends and how design firms can best position themselves to successfully close deals in the new environment, whether they are buyers or sellers. The program will consider valuation and deal structure as well as market positioning. There will also be discussion of the underlying business and corporate organizational factors that impact value that can be managed and evaluated when pursuing M&A deals. Presented December 8, 2011. PDF

Best Practices in Competitive Intelligence
This webinar is a collaborative effort between SMPS and PMKC. The content in this webinar is based on a White Paper funded by the SMPS Foundation, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization established by the Society to promote research and education that advances the body of knowledge in the field of professional services marketing, which was authored by the presenter. The Society for Marketing Professional Services (www.smps.org) represents a dynamic network of 6,000 marketing and business development professionals from architectural, engineering, planning, interior design, construction, and specialty construction firms located throughout the United States and Canada. SMPS’s mission is to advocate for, educate, and connect leaders in the building industry. SMPS is the only organization dedicated to creating business opportunities in the A/E/C industry. Presented November 16, 2011. PDF

Client Research: Debunking Myths and Maximizing ROI
If you don’t ask, you don’t get!’ This truism is particularly relevant in client research. There’s so much valuable information to be gathered, but few firms/individuals have the knowledge base and skills set to ask the right questions, of the right people, at the right time. In this webinar, we'll explore four types of client research: client/prospect perception studies; continuous client monitoring; project satisfaction surveys/interviews; and reference validation. With an eye towards ROI maximization, we’ll also address: When should firms employ each of the four tools? How can firms leverage the data yielded in real time to address problems and seize opportunities? How can firms use the data to modify their positioning and business development strategies, as well as their project delivery process? Presented October 13, 2011. PDF

Escaping the Walmarting of Design
This program explores the commoditization of pricing in the design sector – the Wal-Mart effect. In simple microeconomic terms, if the total number of design firms has been going down since 2001 and the numbers of new designers entering the field from college is also going down, when demand stays constant why aren’t fees going up? The presentation presents statistics on trends in the design sector, explains the strategic pricing strategy that puts designers at risk of commoditization, and explains alternate methods of pricing that are available to price services based on the value to the client. Presented September 22, 2011. PDF

Effective Ownership Transitions
When planning an exit strategy and ensuring the continuity of their firms, many owners of architectural firms wait too long to implement an effective succession plan. This webinar demystifies the process and shows you how to develop a timely ownership and leadership transition plan that supports your personal and strategic business goals. This webinar also shows you how to: develop criteria for and identify future owners; package your firm for either an internal or external sale, approach future owners and prospective buyers; develop a preliminary valuation; create greater value for future owners, and craft a flexible ownership transfer plan. Presented June 16, 2011. PDF | WMV

179D Tax Deduction for Architects and Engineers
As an architect or designer, you may be entitled to a tremendous federal tax incentive, which was recently extended by Congress. Under the tax code, if you have implemented energy efficient designs for government owned buildings, such as public schools, airports, courthouses, libraries and student housing, you are eligible to receive a tax deduction of up to $1.80 per square foot. Presented December 15, 2010. 

Best Laid Plans
This webinar presents processes for business planning that will help small firm owners manage slow times and prepare for success in the recovery. Participants learn about the major components of a business plan – purpose, marketing, operations, and finance – and realistic procedures for plan development and implementation. The silver lining to the downturn is that time becomes available to reflect on purpose and act on intentions. This webinar helps small firm owners make good use of that found time. Presented February 18, 2009.

Lessons from the Dog Whisperer: Avoiding the Project Red Zone
Nothing is more draining of your firm's time, energy, and financial resources than a full-blown dispute with a client, contractor, or consultant. It is critical that architects learn to recognize and respond to the signs of conflict escalation before they reach what Cesar Millan, television's "Dog Whisperer," calls the "red zone." Presented December 16, 2008.


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