Mr. Dennis Wells, AIA

Miles Associates Incorporated

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Miles Associates Incorporated
Oklahoma City, OK


I saw the light during 7th-grade Geometry when the teacher said “If you know any three things about a triangle, you can find all the other unknowns…” Wow! Finally, after seven years, THIS is some useful information!

Five years later I decided to study architecture because I wanted an education with a result… I didn’t want a “business management” degree because it didn’t seem to have a clear end game.

I've practiced for 42 years. Worked on a lot of very neat projects... Learned a whole bunch about architecture.

Now here I am. The oldest guy in the office except for the boss. Stacks of great experiences and crazy stories… and I still love geometry! How cool is that? So what do I get to do? ...Business management.

And I love it. Really!

Job History

Miles Associates
VP/Studio Director
August 2009 - present

LBPA Architects
Project Architect

Architecture Demarest
Dallas, TX, United States

GSB Architects
Project Manager - Specification Writer
Oklahoma City