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Architectural design competition - Association of Polish Architects - SARP

  • 1.  Architectural design competition - Association of Polish Architects - SARP

    Posted 09-12-2017 09:44
     SARP no 974 for Małopolska Science Center in Krakow. 

    The Marshal's Office of the Małopolska Region (self-governmental authority), in cooperation with the Association of Polish Architects, Cracow Branch, announces a two-stage architectural and urban design competition for the development of the architectural and urban concept of the Małopolska Science Center in Krakow.

    The aim of the Competition is to obtain the best architectural and urban solution for the project called Malopolska Science Center in Krakow (MSC). It is assumed that the best concept chosen by the Competition jury will take into account the specific nature of the project. It is essential to combine the applied solutions and the contexts - spatial, architectural and cultural - of the Malopolska Region and Krakow - a city of culture, science and art. In the location, the Contracting Authority expects a contemporary architectural form of the highest quality that can become a showcase of the city and the region.

    In the mind of the Contracting Authority, the Malopolska Science Center shall be an innovative cultural institution aimed at education through fun and games and the involvement of other organizations. The MSC should arouse passion for learning, help understand the world, build an attitude of creativity, openness, and a habit of thinking independently. The MSC is different from other such institutions as those conducting research, schools, and museums. The building should be a demonstration, and a model of sustainable and energy-efficient architecture, and include an educational and exposition path including the key points of the facility's infrastructure (eg, installations, machinery, layers: walls, roofs, ceilings).

    The aim of the Competition is to select, through verification and evaluation in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations, the concept to develop a comprehensive design enabling the construction of a complex of buildings for the Malopolska Science Center in Krakow, including the development of investment plots. The jury will be invited to negotiate a single-source procurement procedure which will focus on detailing the competition. The Contracting Authority plans to implement this investment in BIM technology. 

    The Competition is conducted in Polish.

    Members of the Competition Jury:
    1. prof. Ewa Kuryłowicz , architect, KSK SARP Warsaw - President of the Jury 
    2. Marcin Brataniec , architect, KSK SARP Krakow - Reporting Judge 
    3. Stanisław Deńko , architect, KSK SARP Krakow 
    4. Witold Zieliński , architect, District of Lesser Polish Chamber of Architects 
    5. prof. Rainer Mahlamӓki , architect, Finland 
    6. Jacek Krupa , UMWM - Marshal of the Małopolska Region 
    7. Maria Wojtach , UMWM / Marshal's Office of the Małopolska Region 
    8. Janusz SepiołArchitect, UMWM / Marshal's Office of the Małopolska Region 
    9. Piotr Kossobudzki , Consultant of Science Centers and Museums 
    Organizing the Secretary of the Competition:
    1. Rafał Zawisza , PhD, architect, KSK SARP Kraków - Organizing Secretary of the Competition 
    2. Wojciech Kasinowicz , architect, SARP Krakow - Assistant Secretary of the Competition 
    3. Joanna Bednarczyk , UMWM - Assistant Secretary of the Competition 

    Schedule of the Competition:
    Publication of the Competition call - 08.28.2017 
    Deadline for Submitting inquiries to the Competition Regulations - until 15.09.2017
    Deadline for the publication of responses to the Competition Regulations - until 25.09.2017 
    Deadline for submitting requests for participation in the Competition - 3.10.2017 until 3:00 PM CET 
    Deadline for the submission of studies in Stage 1 of the Competition - 30.11.2017 until 3:00 PM CET 
    Adjudication for Stage 1 of the Competition - until 12.12.2017 

    Deadline for submissions to submit Competition entries in Stage 2 of the Competition - 12.12.2017 
    Deadline for submitting inquiries to the Competition Regulations by the Participants called for to submit Competition in Stage 2 of the Competition - until 18.12.2017
    Deadline for the 
    submission of the competition to the contestants is to submit to the Competition in the Stage 2 of the Competition - 6.02. 2018 until 3:00 PM CET 
    Adjudication, publicizing the results of the Competition, and opening the post-competition exhibition - 20.02.2018 

    Prize pool (gross amounts): 150 000 PLN
    including the first prize - 50 000 PLN + 20 000 PLN reimbursement Information: Files to download: Regulations of the Competition Formal Appendices and Substantive Appendices can be found on the Organizer's website

    Derek Washam
    Manager, International Relations
    The American Institute of Architects
    Washington DC