Getting Started

Get Started

Much of your participation with a Knowledge Community occurs on AIA KnowledgeNet—a Web site rich in networking opportunities, resource sharing, and discussion forums. The same log-in you use to access member content on provides entry to AIA KnowledgeNet.

Set Preferences

Connect with Other Professionals with Similar Interests

  • Join online discussions to network with professionals in your areas of interest and discuss topics relevant to you
  • Start a conversation by posting a message in a discussion forum.
  • Find contacts to expand your professional network
  • Stay competitive on relevant topics through Knowledge CommunitiesWeb seminars and e-newsletters

Completing your profile is as easy as 1, 2, 3! 
  1. You start out with up to 30 points, of the 100 points you need to complete your profile, based on the information the AIA already has in the database.

  2. First, get a jump start on completing your profile by directly importing your LinkedIn profile. Look for the “Update you information from LinkedIn®” link on your profile page.
    • The import includes your photo; your biography; your job and school histories; your honors and awards. (That’s worth up to 55 points!)

    • Don’t have a LinkedIn Profile? Just enter the information directly on your profile.
  3. Next, list your professional specialties, affiliations, and interests.  (That’s worth up to 30 points!)


How do I know my profile is complete?

When you are signed into AIA KnowledgeNet, your welcome box in the upper right corner will display “Complete Your Profile” until it is complete. After that it will display “Update Your Profile”.

Additional Details


Get noticed on the AIA KnowledgeNet homepage 
and on your profile.


Your contributions count! As you post blog entries, reply to discussion forum messages, and share material in the libraries, you earn points. The top contributors to the site are recognized on the homepage. Once you earn 999 points, you will have a Top Contributor ribbon added to your profile. *Learn how many points you need to reach each level and more ways you can earn points.


Getting Started Tutorial Video

(click video to pause, double click for full screen viewing)

Matthew Welker, Assoc. AIA still has work to do...

Lira Luis, AIA’s profile is complete!

Top Contributor Ribbons