Awards Presentation Grant

2018 AIA Housing Awards Presentation Grant

Application Deadline: 5:00 p.m. EST on July 20th, 2018

The AIA Housing and Community Development Knowledge Community invites AIA Housing Award and AIA/HUD Secretary’s Award winners to submit proposals for grant assistance to present their award-winning projects for publication, public group presentation or presentation at conferences and seminars. We recognize that winning an AIA award is a statement that a project is of the highest quality and contributes to a larger dialogue on architecture. The HKC wants to encourage opportunities for these projects to be shared both with other architects and the general public in order to broaden conversations about quality design in housing.


The program is open to any AIA Housing Award and AIA/HUD Secretary’s Award winners from within the past five years (including this year’s winners).

Proposal Requirements

Please submit proposals as a PDF document no later than 5:00 p.m. EST on July 20th, 2018. The PDF should contain the following information while not exceeding 5 MB in size or five pages in length:

  • Presenter name and contact information, firm name and presenter’s title/role within firm
  • Project name, location, award won, category and year of win
  • For presentations, provide event Information including name of event, date, location and size of audience
  • For publications, provide publication Information including publication name, anticipated date of publication and size/length of article or feature
  • Objective of presentation
  • Nature of intended audience (AIA, Allied Organization, General Public or other groups)


Selection Criteria & Process

Applications will be evaluated by a committee composed of members of the Housing Leadership Advisory Group.

The committee will consider the impact of the presentation with regard to audience make-up with priority being assigned to presentations that further AIA outreach to outside groups or allied organizations, have a large audience potential, involve travel that requires subsidy or otherwise have a larger outreach footprint. The committee will not consider project design quality as this has already been judged in the original awards programs.

The committee will consider projects that have not yet been accepted for a conference or finalized for publication. However, the grant award will not be disbursed until proof of acceptance onto a conference schedule or for publication has been provided. In the event that a grant cannot be disbursed to the recipient, another recipient will be chosen from among the entries.

Grant recipients will be announced on the AIA KnowledgeNet website the week of Juuly 30th, 2018 and be notified individually as well.


The Presenter will be paid $1500 in grant funding toward their cost of travel, materials and time to present their project.



Submit Proposal

Only completed submissions will be considered.

Program Closed



Selection Criteria