Green Housing Network

Green Housing Network

The AIA Housing Knowledge Community encompasses custom residential, market-rate housing, green building practices, multifamily housing, special-needs housing, and other areas.  The Green Housing Network addresses several specialties under the umbrella of green housing practices.  While the Green Housing Network will no longer be an active network since the issue permeates the work of all networks now, the knowledge below will remain a resource for all members. If you are interested in participating in the discussion please contact

Information on Green Housing Technologies

Green Design Guidelines
Green Housing Glossary
Examples of Built Projects
Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing
SpecRight Program
2006 QAP Green Building Analysis
Open Architecture Network

Grey Water Systems Manufacturers

Rewater Systems, Inc.
Clivus Multrum, Inc.
Brac Systems
Orenco Systems, Inc.
Equaris Corporation
Water Saver Technologies