Affordable housing—Countering Opposition

When:  Jul 17, 2017 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (ET)
National Housing Conference staff will discuss the latest research and perspectives on the root causes of community opposition to affordable housing and share how architects and others can use science-backed communications techniques to counter that opposition. Speakers will also share the latest updates on federal housing policy and how participants can support effective affordable housing policy, regardless of partisan affiliation.

Learning objectives:

  1. understand key causes of community opposition to affordable housing development
  2. learn to use frames and values-based messages to build support for affordable housing development
  3. learn about new or potential changes to federal housing policy and possible local
  4. understand key techniques and timeframes for effective nonpartisan federal housing policy advocacy

Amy Clark | National Housing Conference

Amy Clark is Senior Director of Marketing and Communications at the National Housing Conference, where she leads NHC’s strategic communications efforts to elevate housing affordability as a first-tier issue on the national agenda.

Ethan Handelman | National Housing Conference

As Vice President for Policy & Advocacy, Ethan Handelman directs NHC's policy and advocacy agenda focused on advancing federal housing policy to assist low- and moderate-income people.


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