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Impossible Project

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    Posted 10-08-2018 19:13
    I managed the construction of a historically listed building that sat with tarps on it for over 10 years. A neighborhood association re-roofed it to try and hold it together. Finally a donor came through and then the state was able to move forward with Federal High and Transportation funding and restore it. The building was the baggage end of a train station - the original station was replaced in 1918 and the Baggage depot was then used by the Railway
    Express until it was abandoned. Restoration was complete in 2017 and is now the home of the Salem Greyhound Bus Station. Before and after shots.siding.jpg
    Leah McMillan, AIA, LEED AP

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    Posted 10-09-2018 17:38
    Cool - and a boon to mass transportation.

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    Posted 10-09-2018 21:55

    Beautiful; thanks for sharing Leah! 


    I do have as of today the panelists selected for the A19 program "Breathing Life into the Impossible Project".  For those who will at A19 in Las Vegas June 6-8 2019 I hope you'll join me as we share a few stories of amazing transformations driven by passionate architects turning the "impossible" into the real.