PMKC at A'20

Starts:  May 13, 2020 6:30 AM (PT)
Ends:  May 16, 2020 4:30 PM (PT)
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Practice Management at A'20

May 14-16, Los Angeles

Join us for the Practice Management Luncheon! 

EV305 - AIA Practice Management Luncheon
May 15, 11:30am-1:30pm | Location: JW Marriott, Plaza Ballroom, 900 W Olympic Boulevard | Cost is $90

Managing a practice grows more complicated with culture shifts, environmental concerns, and changing professional goals and priorities. At this event, you'll enjoy lunch with fellow practice leaders as you share insights based on your experiences with architecture and career development in the 21st century. Learn how your peers are thinking through the challenges of a changed professional climate. Plus, hear how they're working to set their firms apart, engage and cultivate new talent, exceed client demands, and continue to grow personally and professionally.




EV202 - Free Marketing & Communications Checkup
May 14, 11am-1pm | Location: Los Angeles Convention Center, Business Lounge, Booth W-322

Improve your brand and business with a 15-minute communications checkup! Bring your marketing plans and collateral to gain valuable feedback from a seasoned marketing professional on the effectiveness of your firm's marketing and communications efforts. You'll also get a sustainability audit. Take away concrete recommendations for refining your firm's messaging, elevating your brand, and improving your firm's return on investment in marketing and client development initiatives. This checkup is sponsored by the AIA Practice Management Knowledge Community and the Society for Marketing Professional Services.

EX102 - Office Furniture in the Circular Economy
May 14, 11:45am-12:45pm | Location: Los Angeles Convention Center, CE Theater A, Booth W-206

EX404 - Incorporating Continuous Insulation Into Today's Complex Commerical Building Designs
May 14, 3:15pm-4:15pm | Location: Los Angeles Convention Center, CE Theater D, Booth S-3034

Do you know the current code requirements for continuous insulation (CI)?

Join us for a deep dive into the relationship between CI and other performance components within wall assemblies. You'll explore how sound building envelope design addresses thermal performance, air and water management, and fire-performance needs. To support sustained advancement in building design, the manufacturing, design, and code-enforcement communities must work together to incorporate materials that address each of these functions within walls. By attending this session, you'll be positioned to help further this worthy goal.


FR106 - How AI, Automation & Autonomous Design Will Impact Your Firm
May 15, 8am-9am | Location: Los Angeles Convention Center

With new technology, tools, and apps hitting the market every day, it can be challenging to get a handle on the latest changes or anticipate their impact.

This session puts it all in perspective. You'll learn how AI, automation, and autonomous design can advance your practice; how to minimize disruption as you implement new technologies; and how to prepare for owner and client expectations around the use of these tools on their projects.

Designed for practitioners at all levels, this conversation will leave you inspired, energized, and eager to apply new ways of working and designing in your practice.

EX106 - Increasing Profitability for You and Your Clients
May 15, 11:45am-12:45pm | Location: Los Angeles Convention Center, CE Theater A, Booth W-206

Incentive programs centered around real estate, design, energy-efficiency, and innovative projects hold the potential of increasing profitability both for your business and your clients. Learn why at this eye-opening session.

Join us to learn about opportunity zone projects, depreciation of assets, incentives for energy-efficient buildings, innovative and technologically advanced projects, and more. Understanding the current business and real estate climate will add tremendous value and set you apart as a valuable resource for clients.
EL191d - Office/Mixed-Use Modular Façades: Trends, Challenges & Solutions
May 15, 3:15apm-4:15pm | Location: Los Angeles Convention Center, Kawneer Learning Lounge, Booth S-2211LL

More than half the world's population lives in urban areas—and the percentage will increase in the years ahead.

Construction costs are rising, spaces are growing denser, and skilled labor remains sparse. In the world of construction/design-build, demand for innovative solutions is high. Modular construction is one key remedy, along with innovative façades to support it.

This session will explore trends, challenges, and solutions for designing façades in office/mixed-use segments.


SA510 - Closing the Loop: Successes & Challenges of the Circular Economy
May 16, 3:30pm-4:30pm | Location: Los Angeles Convention Center

Global support for the circular economy is gaining momentum, and every person has a role to play.

Join us for this seminar to consider drivers for the circular economy through the lens of manufacturing. Topics will include building standards, policy, LEED and the Living Building Challenge, circular product strategies, and systematic methodologies for advancing the circular economy.

Designed for all members of the ecosystem, this interactive discussion will explore best practices for applying principles of the circular economy to the built environment—and help you find your role in this critical movement.

SA506 - Leveraging Building Information Models for Facility Management & Business Operations
May 16, 3:30pm-4:30pm | Location: Los Angeles Convention Center

Buildings are networks of engineered systems, and software developers are finding ways to monitor and control the equipment in a highly integrated way.

When an integrated design and construction team delivers a new building, they also deliver a “digital twin” that reflects real-time simulation of the physical environment that is seamlessly integrated with the building systems. In this session, you'll hear how a 3D as-built, virtual model of the building doubles as an information-rich library for storing construction documents, managing MEP equipment information, and linking to space databases.

Join this session to learn how BIM is being used to help building owners realize the operational potential of their buildings.


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