How to Program and Design Award Winning Culinary Experiences That Senior Living Residents Will Love

When:  Sep 20, 2021 from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM (ET)
Associated with  Design for Aging

How to Program and Design Award Winning Culinary Experiences That Senior Living Residents Will Love

September 20, 2021 / 1-2pm ET / 1 AIA LU


What if the hospitality experience in the community was front and center and the architecture takes shape to form around it, introducing flow and efficiencies? Bringing up the conversion of culinary programming is very critical during the initial visioning of a senior living project. If not considered up front, the operations team and culinary program are stuck to previously allocated building limitations. Listen in on How to Program and Design Award Winning Culinary Experiences That Senior Living Residents Will Love to change how you approach designing spaces that positively impact their environments.

Learning objectives

  1. Know when to start culinary discussions and planning     
  2. Understand how many venues a community should have
  3. Right sizing dining venues based resident analytics
  4. Understand how to make the culinary program at a community competitive
  5. Design process, where to start and where to go

Education level

Ideal audience
This session is geared towards both young and experienced industry professionals. Architects, interior designers, owners' reps, and developers, operators, many sectors of the food service industry can take away from this presentation.

Greg Hunteman headshot
Greg Hunteman has been involved in designing senior living projects since graduating from the University of Texas. His passion for care has led him to the forefront of developing creative and compassionate environments for seniors while supporting and fine-tuning efficient operations for owners. As president of Pi Architects, Greg leads a team of architects, landscape architects, and interior designers in designing senior living communities. His project experience includes CCRC’s, Independent Living, Active Adult, Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Skilled Nursing communities.

Schelley Hollyday headshot

With over 25 years of experience in the Senior Living industry with a focus on hospitality, Schelley Hollyday has held senior leadership positions with two national senior services management companies. Recognizing that Senior Living Communities are quickly assimilating to the hospitality model, Schelley founded CCRC Hospitality to provide the necessary support to communities transitioning to a more specific hospitality culture. Consulting support to enhance hospitality includes a strong customer focus, restaurant operations (particularly when opening new venues and concepts), concierge services, and food and beverage operational analysis, including financial and quality benchmarks.

Andrey Teleguz headshot
Andrey Teleguz is a natural problem solver. He grew up in a system that punished thinking and ideas. Once free, Andrey wanted to question everything. To him, success is having the opportunity to improve lives through innovation, constant learning, and collaboration. Andrey believes that nothing is impossible, and every day, he's driven to prove it.